Top of the pies


- Credit: Archant

Meat pies are a great British tradition, and it is satisfying to know that Somerset’s count among the country’s finest.

Jon Thorner’s. the wonderful farmshop at Pylle outside Shepton Mallet, has been producing a huge range of hand made pies (as well as quiches, Scotch eggs, pasties, pastries, cakes, desserts) since 2005, and has just won two awards: an Eblex Gold for its Steak and Red Wine Pie and category champion at the British Pie Awards for its Beef and Guinness pie.

I tried them both, in the individual size, and found them perfection: a crust that managed to be soft and crisp at the same time, and tender, meaty filling, perfectly seasoned.

Often when something is ‘flavoured’ with something else, I feel they might as well not have bothered – but these pies really taste of red wine and ale.