Top tips for planning a Spring Hen Party

Hen party

Hen party - Credit: Archant

Organising a wedding is no mean feat, particularly if you’ve been the sole planner (come on guys, get your act together). But now that your day is almost here, it’s time to start relaxing and thinking about your hen do. Prepare yourself and your fellow hens for a hen do that you’ll never forget – here are my top tips for planning a spring hen do.

1. Make a list of hens

The first thing you should do is decide who exactly you’re going to invite. Of course, the type of hen do you’re planning on having may play a part in this – it’s not really practical to invite 30 plus giggling hens to a countryside spa retreat. You can however use your hen do as a great way to involve your besties in your wedding preparations – plus they’ll get the opportunity to meet some of your other groups of friends, making small talk less awkward on the day itself.


So who are the obligatory hens? You guessed it – your mum and any sisters you have, your fiancé’s mum and any sisters he has, your bridesmaids (if they’re not any of the aforementioned), and your closest girlfriends. After that, it’s really up to you whether or not to extend the invite to aunts, grandmothers, or work friends.


2. Delegate delegate delegate

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As I mentioned above, you’re likely to be feeling pretty stressed out by the time it comes to your hen do. To avoid any further dramas, delegate the task of organising your hen do to your chief bridesmaid. She’ll be glad to be of assistance to you, and it can be a great opportunity for your hens to throw in a few extra surprises to treat you. If you have any particular requests, you’re well within your rights to let whoever is organising know about them in advance of the do – just be careful not to turn into a bridezilla though – does it really matter if someone turns up in the same dress as you to your hen do? I didn’t think so.


3. Decide where to go

Now depending on how you approached number two of these tips, you may not actually know where your hen do will be taking place. If you are having a say in the event, perhaps consider doing something outdoorsy. After all, spring is the perfect time of year to enjoy the lovely sunshine, and many brides-to-be are now choosing to extend the hen do to the daytime as well as having a party in the evening. Why not try boating on the lake in the local park followed by a nice picnic? This is a perfect way to relax, have a natter and eat some food. Or there’s always the barbecue; try jazzing it up with some more posh treats and condiments and taking it somewhere scenic to really make a day of it. If you fancy something with a little more ‘something to do’ about it, taking a jewellery making session is a lot of fun and gives you all something special to wear later in the evening. And, for the more active hens out there, why not hold a beach volleyball match (with food and refreshments on hand afterwards of course).


4. Focus on having fun

On the day of your hen do, let nothing else trouble you other than having fun. It will do you the world of good to have a day off from thinking about your upcoming nuptials, and you’ll have the chance to spend some quality time with your favourite women – no boys allowed. Let all of the usual rules fly out of the window and just concentrate on having the time of your life – although maybe try not to drink too much alcohol if you have a pressing engagement the next day; it’ll be no fun with a hangover, trust me.


What have you got planned for your springtime hen do?


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