Tracey Wilkinson - Weddings co-ordinator, Mere Golf Resort and Spa, Knutsford

Tracey Wilkinson - photo by Jonathan Farber

Tracey Wilkinson - photo by Jonathan Farber - Credit: Archant

Tracey Wilkinson is weddings co-ordinator at the Mere Golf Resort and Spa in Knutsford, she tells us about life away from her brides and bouquets

What’s your idea of a perfect weekend?

A long weekend, visiting friends and family in Southend-On-Sea in Essex. Enjoying the sunshine with good food and wine and wonderful company also popping into London for a show and a lovely meal.

Do you cook or are you cooked for?

My Fiancé is an accomplished chef who holds Rosettes, therefore he is most definitely the chef in our kitchen. I love the local fresh, organic and quality produce that he uses, experimenting with new flavours and textures, good job really as he constantly tries out his new creations on me!

Favourite restaurant and your most likely companion?

I love the Bear’s Paw in Warmingham, it has such a welcoming environment and the food is delicious and of course our very own Browns Restaurant at The Mere. Recently awarded a second Rosette it is most definitely the place to enjoy superb cuisine using local produce in great surroundings.

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Putting reality aside, it’s that old chestnut about which five famous people- living or dead – you’d most enjoy the company of at your dinner party?

Neil Armstrong, because space fascinates me, I have so many questions! Walt Disney as I want to ask him if he ever imagined the world of Disney would become what it is today. Joanna Lumley for her experiences and stories. Lee Mack for comedy value and Richard Gear as I would never be a runaway bride.

What’s your favourite holiday destination?

So many to choose from but it has to be New York, just love the hustle and bustle of the city with the weird and the wonderful just around the corner.

Whose talent would you like to steal and why?

I admire people who have a natural talent and my daughter has a natural flare for art and this has definitely been passed down from my mum who was an amazing artist, unfortunately this talent has skipped a generation as I can only draw stick men!

Your favourite song?

Definitely without question High by The Lighthouse Family as it transports me to wonderful memories of my mum.

What was the last book your really enjoyed reading?

I don’t really get to read books very often as usually I have my head in wedding magazines however I am currently reading Cabin Fever as it takes me back to my cabin crew roots.

Who do you regard as a modern day hero?

Amelia Earhart as she was true pioneer and fearless to the end. A real inspiration to all women.

What are you most looking forward to this weekend?

Taking part in The Midnight Walk, raising money for St Luke’s Hospice, a charity very dear to my heart followed by a very big glass of wine!