Understanding biomass heating

An Equal T boiler near completion with computer control system fitted

An Equal T boiler near completion with computer control system fitted - Credit: Archant

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An Equal T boiler being built

An Equal T boiler being built - Credit: Archant

Biomass heating specialists Equal T offer a practical guide to understanding the sustainable energy source.

What is biomass?

Biomass is a renewable energy source using wood pellets or wood chip as fuel. The production of wood pellets is from recycled wastes from sawmills, flooring mills, furniture makers and house builders. Energy crops such as willow , elephant grass can be used as fast growing crops also. Biomass is known to help people save the costs of their heating bills compared to traditional heating methods.

What is Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI)?

RHI is a quarterly payment made to you via Ofgem for every KW of energy you burn using a biomass boiler to heat your house and hot water, the current tariff is 12.2p KWH and will be paid to you over the next seven years. For example, if you had a 25 KWH boiler producing 32,850 kwh annually over 7 years = £30,709.

An old Binder boiler

An old Binder boiler - Credit: Archant

Why are you paid RHI by Ofgem?

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The Government have committed to the Kyoto agreement which is a commitment to reduce our carbon emissions and the RHI is a way of paying you to change to biomass, this payment and fuel saving will more than cover the investment by you for a new boiler.

How are pellets delivered and fed into boiler?

Wood pellets are small animal feed sized pellets that are delivered in a slightly larger tanker similar to oil. A hose is connected to the front of the tanker approx 20m max and then blown under 1 bar pressure into your pellet silo. The operation dissimilar to an oil delivery or LPG deliver, means no mess or dust and you will need less deliveries than oil in general.

Reduce your carbon emissions and use renewable energy

Biomass is a renewable energy source we can grow trees make a wooden floor and process the off cuts into useable energy. This process takes very little carbon to produce some in the manufacturing and some in delivering the wood pellets 90% carbon free compare this with the manufacture of oil, gas and electricity it is considerably less.

Where can you buy biomass?

There are many outlets that can supply you with fuels. For more information on biomass and other renewable energy contact Kevan Walker on 01984 656757, Steve Barnes on 01934 862357 or the Head Office on 01823 681626. Alternatively visit the Equal-T website for more details.