Update your kitchen for 2015

Promotional feature: Kitchen Design Workshop offer their expert advice on how to update your kitchen with a contemporary and practical design

For so many of us, the New Year is the perfect time to look ahead, especially when it comes to home renovations. If 2015 will be the year to change your kitchen then you’ll probably be considering your wish list already. But if you are happy with the layout of your room, a kitchen makeover to replace tired door and drawer fronts or worn worktops can be the ideal way to modernise your kitchen. Combining her expert knowledge with emerging trends and timeless style know-how, Angela Bower at The Kitchen Design Workshop tells us how to update our kitchens for the year ahead.

1. In terms of colour, we have moved away from bright accent colours in favour of a make-up bag palette of soft powdery shades in greys and muted tones. A neutral canvas lends itself to providing a good backdrop for those wanting to bring in some bright colours by the way of accessories which can be easily and inexpensively changed. Especially if like me, you make seasonal updates; rich reds over the winter, citrus shades in the spring and summer and moving into burnt orange, plum and raspberry in the autumn. Emerging trends for warmth and natural materials such as wood and marble are to be highlighted with soft lacquers and painted metals for a feeling of sophisticated calm.

2. Simplicity is key with hidden appliances and sinks and hobs flush with the work surfaces to create clean, undisturbed lines.

3. Glass splash backs are still a massive trend. Replacing the fussiness of dated wall tiles with the sleek, reflective finish of a glass splash back will make your kitchen feel larger and instantly look newer.

4. Updating the door and drawer handles can transform your kitchen, making plain or budget kitchens look stylish and high quality. Think of it like accessorising your little black dress for a night out. But beware of cheap looking handles as these can be a false economy.

5. Lighting plays a massive part in kitchen design. We like to use dimmers on under cabinet lighting to provide bright task lighting when cooking that can be softened to create a relaxed atmosphere. This is especially important in open plan rooms where your kitchen is also part of your living environment.

For more information on kitchen design and how to update your home with a stunning kitchen makeover, please contact Angela Bower at The Kitchen Design Workshop on 01789 459013 or visit www.kitchendesignworkshop.co.uk