Using stone to create a new look for your home


- Credit: Archant

If you are looking for something different for your home, why not try stone? Whether you are looking for a new kitchen worktop, a bathroom in natural stone or a coffee table for your living room, there are a huge variety of different stones and the finished item will be unique to you.


- Credit: Archant

Designed for the Space

Take this geometric coffee table in Palisandro Bluette, a blue grey marble chosen to fit the décor of the room in which it will sit. Or this circular breakfast bar in Rosso Verona, a reddy brown polished marble, which provides a stylish visual link between the earthy tones used in the living area and the kitchen which has polished granite surfaces. Both were designed specifically for the space that they occupy, like all of the items that stoneCIRCLE manufactures at its state of the art factory, where everything is made to the customer’s specifications in the stone of their choice.


- Credit: Archant

Luxurious Bathrooms in Granite, Marble & Travertine

stoneCIRCLE recently manufactured the stone for a spacious house on a large estate in West Berkshire. The project involved five bathrooms in total and the client chose to have ivory and walnut travertine, Zimbabwe black granite and Diano Reale marble throughout, but in different combinations in each bathroom.

The picture shows the master bathroom with a travertine bath, twin Diano Reale marble basins manufactured from one marble slab and walnut travertine floor tiles sloping to form a wet room shower outlet. Zimbabwe Black granite is used to stunning effect on the feature walls and the porthole window has been framed in walnut travertine.


- Credit: Archant

Quartz or Granite Worktops

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For many people a stone worktop is a must for their kitchen: but do you understand the difference between natural stones such as granite, marble and limestone, and engineered stone such as composite marble or quartz?

Natural stone has more variation in tone and markings than engineered stone, as the conditions when it formed varied even within the same seam of stone, and this is part of its beauty.

However some people prefer a more uniform look and engineered stones such as Silestone, where particles of quartz or marble have been mixed with resin and colouring, are an alternative to granite for kitchen worktops for those who did not want as much variation. Whichever you choose you will end up with an excellent quality top which is very hardwearing and lasts for years if cared for properly.

Talk to the Experts

The best way to choose the stone for your project is to go and look at different sorts, ideally in as large a piece as possible. stoneCIRCLE’s Newbury Showroom is an ideal place to start. It has a large indoor gallery with displays of the biggest selection of full size stone slabs in the South East. Here you can view granite, marble, limestone and quartz among other types and you can get advice from the expert staff about which would best suit your particular project, be it a kitchen worktop or marble bathroom.

There are also displays of products that have been made out of the different stones to help you visualise what can be done in this beautiful adaptable material.