Wedding advice - Crank up the fun factor with music, magic and maybe a few surprises

Magician Simon South

Magician Simon South - Credit: Archant

Should you entertain your guests at your wedding? Well at intimate gatherings it is probably not essential but for the day long “event” featuring a cast of hundreds then the answer is an emphatic “yes”.

There are many ways to entertain your guests and having a live band comes top of the list. This is usually a good move as professional outfits are geared up to making everything all-inclusive. It’s the opportunity for everyone from the bride and groom and grandparents to strut their stuff and it’s where you can get some good (perhaps unofficial) photos too.

Your entertainment should also reflect something of you both. At one of our real life wedding featured this issue the bride and groom, both involved in the soccer industry, hired a professional footballer and freestyler then had a kickabout. There are no hard and fast rules re-entertainment.


It’s always fun to watch an artist at work plus your guests will have a drawing to take home to commemorate the event.


Well if money is no object you could have a whole fairground. But a carousel can look spectacular and of course is an amazing picture opportunity.

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Cool club

Who wouldn’t want to hang out at a bar and drink any of their favorite cocktail drinks for FREE?! Add to the mix a DJ who will be happy to play any type of music for you and your guests, and sure enough, a dance party would be inevitable.

Food trucks

Dessert food trucks are becoming increasingly more popular and will get guests circulating after the sit down part of the meal. Another popular addition is the fish and chip van which works perfectly for the evening party, or you may want to inject a bit of nostalgia with a mobile vintage tea room.


You can also opt to have a magician do a few acts on center stage, or have him wander through the reception performing at individual tables.

Photo booth

Some photographers provide a photobooth complete with props so they can get silly pics done- maybe while the bride and groom are having their official portraits taken! And the Paparazzi photographer idea is another fun way for guests to get snapped too.


A little bit of spookarama is fun well as long as the psychic keeps it upbeat - the last thing people want at a wedding is forebodings of doom and gloom!

Performing waiters

Spring a surprise on your guests with a waiter belting out Nessun Dorma or bring on comedy waiters, to cause chaos by staging a faux argument or flirtation with the bride perhaps?.