How a wellness coach can help you make the lifestyle changes you need

Sara Dewhurst at The Well Nest

Sara Dewhurst at The Well Nest - Credit: Archant

Addressing your wellbeing can be a complicated matter. Establishing where you are and where you want to be can be the first step towards a better lifestyle.

The Well Nest

The Well Nest - Credit: Archant

Wellbeing, whether it is physical or psychological, has gained prominence in modern times due to our hectic lives.

It can be a complicated subject as so many factors in our lives can contribute to our overall wellbeing. However, the positive way of looking at this is that there are so many opportunities to make small changes in our lifestyles, habits and mindset that can contribute to an improvement in our overall condition.

The Well Nest shares the same location as PLM Health and Fitness in Whalley

The Well Nest shares the same location as PLM Health and Fitness in Whalley - Credit: Archant

Identifying your issues, whether they are stress-related, linked to anxiety or general low-mood can be hard to identify and therefore difficult to address. Poor diet, a lack of exercise, a stressful career and hectic worklife or relationship issues can all have a contributing factor to on your wellbeing. So the answer to your problems could be seeking the help of a lifestyle coach.

The Well Nest in Whalley was founded in the Autumn of 2018, the proprietor Sara Dewhurst has a background in health psychology and set up the centre with the aim of helping people from all backgrounds with a one to one service that can address a variety of issues and help them achieve a healthier lifestyle.

The objective is to encourage people to make healthy lifestyle changes and this is achieved through a bespoke wellbeing support programme that is tailored towards every client's needs through the use of cognitive behavioural therapy, mindfulness and setting personal goals and targets.

The initial sessions involve learning about your background and current situation and then establishing where you are in your life, where you want to be and how you can achieve this through the changes you make that will ultimately initiate personal development, both psychologically and physically.

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Although people may be keen to make changes for the better, there are many barriers that may prevent them from doing so. One common barrier is a busy life which prevents people from even seeking assistance in the first place.

Sara has addressed this by giving her clients the option of conducting their one to one counselling sessions either face to face in her consultation room in Whalley or either online or over the phone, all of which maintain the strict confidentiality one would expect in the subject of this nature.

It is often said that a healthy body promotes a healthy mind and The Well Nest is based within PLM Health and Fitness which means that you can look after the physical aspect of your wellbeing as well as the psychological side.

Sara offers a gym buddy service that will provide support in taking up physical training and help clients attain the self-confidence and motivation to take up exercise which is another vital factor in improving your wellbeing.

The team at PLM Health and Fitness can offer dietary advice and physical training expertise and the added bonus is that the facilities are low-lighting and do not contain any depictions associated with body image, so patrons can train freely without feeling self-conscious.

The success of The Well Nest has also encouraged Sara to branch out to provide her services to companies who wish to promote wellbeing within their workforce.

To find out more about the service on offer at The Well Nest, visit

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