What is financial planning, and is it really worth it?

Katie Machin and Ollie Smyth

Katie Machin and Ollie Smyth - Credit: Archant

How your money can help you realise your life ambitions.

Walker Crips Wealth Management

Walker Crips Wealth Management - Credit: Archant

Realising your lifetime aspirations

The financial services world has moved on considerably since the mis-selling scandals of the 1980s. No longer do advisers receive commission payments from providers for pension and investment advice; instead clients pay fees for advice, eliminating the prospect of bias. We believe that the financial services industry has changed for the better and is being rebuilt with an emphasis on trust and professionalism.

What is financial planning, and is it really worth it?

Financial planning is much more than simply asking ‘what investment do you want?’ We tailor our advice to individual clients and their aspirations to ensure they have the most tax-efficient and prosperous future possible.

Investment selection remains a large and fundamental part of what we do. An investment that provides a good return is more likely to lead you to your desired objective, and part of our role is finding suitable investments.

But our holistic approach means that we also understand, for example, the impact of a serious illness or the death of a family member, and find solutions to ensure you can maintain your standard of living and plan for the future should the worst happen.

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Maintaining funds in your family

Our team of specialists take time to consider the future, possibly setting up appropriate trusts to maintain funds within your family. They will also guide you to choose the most effective planning options to support you to:

• Assess the most tax-efficient savings options for your situation such as ISAs or Unit and Investment Trusts, Insurance Bonds and other savings, growth or income products.

• Efficiently plan for your retirement to be as comfortable as possible taking advantage of our detailed pension advice, possibly including the next generation of the family and beyond

• Increase the amount of money left to your family through inheritance tax (mitigation) planning.

Building long lasting client relationships

It’s important for us to understand all of your financial plans, so we can help you achieve your lifetime aspirations. It is, however, just as important that we manage expectations in line with your circumstances. As experienced advisers, we can help find achievable objectives that meet your needs.

Additionally, it is crucial to ensure that your plans are as tax efficient as possible, both now and in the future. Our extensive knowledge can help you avoid ‘tax-traps’ and pitfalls.


If you want your money to help you realise your life ambitions, we are here to help, advise and guide you every step of the way. Contact us on 01904 544300 to arrange a meeting with a member of our team or alternatively visit our website www.wcgplc.co.uk or follow us on twitter at @walkercrips for more information.