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So here we are, entering what is often the most colourful and sunshine-filled months of the year. Misty mornings lift into golden days, with the contrast of deep blue skies and the turning leaves enough to bounce any mood. It’s also the time when we have that surge of excitement for the changes ahead: autumn-winter fashions progress from wardrobe to worn, layering becomes a sense- rather than a style-statement and those first whispers of festive fun to come begin to percolate the ether.

Entering the autumn months can be something of a discovery; winter coats and gloves can greet you like old friends or suddenly seem unbearably scruffy; your go-to party outfit that looked so fine back in February is just too last year and oh my goodness, what made you think you could get another year out of those boots?! Luckily all our favourite fashion retailers have filled their shelves with simply fabulous, utterly necessary, replacements.

Talking of fabulous, after 40 years songstress Belinda Carlisle shows no sign of slowing down and is back on tour this month. If you can get to the end of Ben Hanson’s interview with her without her huge hit of 1987 worming its way into your brain then you’re a stronger woman than I. Ooh, heaven…

Kate x

Kate Houghton, Editor


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