Made in Hertfordshire: 9 artisan delights to discover at the Herts County Show 2022

Hertfordshire Show 25th May 2019

The Herts County Show is taking place on May 28 and 29 2022. - Credit: Richard Washbrooke

Do you enjoy shopping local and indulging in tasty treats?

To help you relish in the best of Hertfordshire’s fresh produce and local products, we’re listing the top nine things to look out for at 2022’s Herts County Show

This year, it will coincide with the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee, taking place on May 28 and May 29, 2022. The event is great for families, those that love horse-riding and making the most of the countryside.  

To kickstart the celebrations, Sarah Moreland, chair of the show, shares some of her favourite goods that will be on offer that weekend:

1. Gin, vodka and more gin

There’s nothing better than treating yourself to a large glass of well-deserved gin at the end of the day, and better yet, one that’s high quality and locally produced!  

Blackbridge Distillery, one of Hertfordshire’s finest, is a family-owned distillery, that will have a stand in one of the three Made in Herts marquees at the show. They specialise in hand-crafted gin and vodka, made using local ingredients to provide the freshest and sharpest flavours. 

Puddingstone Distillery, home of the award-winning Campfire Gin range, will also be offering a series of delights for you to enjoy from interactive cocktail masterclasses to gin tastings.

Bottles of Farr Brewery beer on a table in the sun in Hertfordshire

A range of delectable goods, including Farr Brewery's finest ales, will be available for you to get your hands on over the weekend. - Credit: Jason Moylan

2. Tangy sauces and flavoured oils

If you’re looking to mix up your meals and add some unique, mouth-watering flavours to your dishes, you’ll find plenty of variety at the Herts County Show. 

Fat Man Chilli are a quality brand that focuses on taste, not heat. Many of their sauces, made naturally with home-grown chillies and fresh ingredients, will be available for you to smell and taste to find your perfect flavour. 

For those looking to discover some extra-special, smooth and delicious tasting sauces to add to their food, Sawuchay is another great brand that will be appearing at the show for you to check out.

3. Great-tasting ale

Committed to quality, crafted ale, Farr Brewery is a must-visit for those who appreciate a perfect pint. Bottles, casks and pressure barrels are on offer, and you’ll have many to taste and pick from at the show.

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4. Scrumptious jams and chutneys

For those with a sweet tooth, Twee’s jams, chutneys, vinegar and sauces are not to be missed - there’s something to enjoy with every meal. This Hertfordshire-based company pick, cook and jar their fruit and vegetables on the same day, ensuring complete freshness and ultimate flavour.

Bottles of flavoured gin from Puddingstone Distillery in Hertfordshire

Puddingstone is just one of the distilleries with a trade stand at this year's Herts County Show. - Credit: Matthew Bishop Photography

5. Soft, doughy loaves

Fresh, baked bread is a pleasure loved across the country, but it’s even tastier when baked locally and can be enjoyed on the same day. Redbournbury Mill bakes their bread with the mill’s stoneground and organic flours. As everything is sourced nearby, there are fewer food miles meaning you can do your part for the planet while snacking on beautifully-baked goods.

6. Hand-made horse equipment

For the many horse-lovers attending this year’s show, Lucy Ellis will be offering a wide range of her hand-made, leather equipment that’s crafted in her workshop. She’s also available for repairs, so is well worth a visit on your way around the marquees.

7. Freshly pressed, sweet apple juice

All pressed, pasteurised and bottled in Hertfordshire, it doesn’t get tastier than Chiltern Ridge’s apple juice. Surrounded by two acres of land, Chiltern Ridge is the perfect environment for growing the most succulent apples and concocting naturally-produced cider and juice.

Chiltern Ridge bottled apple juice in boxes in Hertfordshire

You'll find only local, fresh produce to treat yourself to throughout the weekend. - Credit: Chiltern Ridge

8. Stunning lamp shades

From wall lights to table lamps, floor lamps and accompanying light shades, Yarn Hill Lamp Shades have plenty to offer. They will be showcasing their variety of unique, hand-made designs to display throughout your home and add that extra-special touch. 

9. Creative glass art

If you’re on the hunt for some creative pieces to brighten your home’s décor, be sure to look out for Heartwood Glass. They produce contemporary, hand-made glass art which ranges from large wall and freestanding art to jewellery and light catchers for your windowsill. 

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