What you need to know before purchasing a Riser Recliner

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Recliners Direct - Credit: Archant

There are a few things you should consider before purchasing a riser recliner.

Recliners Direct

Recliners Direct - Credit: Archant

If you are thinking of purchasing a riser recliner it is likely that you have a mobility issue and are looking for a new recliner to assist you in rising from a chair and to help you get comfortable if you sit for long periods at a time.

This report is designed to give you an overview of the different models available on the market and to answer some of the questions you may not have considered prior to purchasing, therefore possibly resulting in choosing a product not suitable for your particular needs.

Am I looking for a single or a dual motor riser recliner?

This is a fundamental question as the answer to this will determine how the recliner works, and can make an enormous difference in the way you use the chair. Single motor recliners are simpler to use as they tend to have a 2 button handset which allows the chair to rise and recline with a simple forward and backwards mechanism. On some cheaper single motor riser recliners as the footrest raises the back will start to recline meaning by the time your feet are raised you will be almost horizontal. Not ideal for everyday use, as you can’t just put your feet up to watch your favourite TV show.

Dual motor riser recliners tend to have a 4 button handset; however this style of recliner offers complete versatility by allowing the footrest and back to work independently, allowing you to get yourself in your most comfortable position. Dual motor recliners also tend to go flatter for an ideal sleeping position . Both types of motor will raise up to help you get out of the seat.

Should I get someone round to my house to measure me for a recliner?

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We would not suggest this course of action unless you have no means of visiting a showroom.

Why not?

The salesmen who make home visits are paid mainly by commission, so the more money they can extract from you the more they earn. They will arrive with one chair in the back of a car or van and try to sell you that model.

Riser recliners are not and will never be a one size fits all purchase, so to try and sell you the one they have with them is always a bad idea. We know from experience that the prices range from £4,000 to £5,000 and then they will start dropping if the customer says it’s too expensive, but as they have a captive audience it is often hard to say no as they are very insistent. The very scary thing is that these companies buy their products from the same manufacturers as everyone else; they simply rename the products so you can’t compare them online, and then massively inflate the price.

If you have seen their adverts in the newspapers or online, they will never show their prices. This is because if the customer saw the prices before the salesman visited, he wouldn’t get through your door. Their pricing structure is purely based on the principal that the posher the house and contents, the higher the price. Always try to order no obligation catalogues and samples before you commit to any purchase.

You have been warned.

What are some of the hidden costs when purchasing a riser recliner?

This may scare you, but we know some care companies that sell riser recliners at cost price and below cost price. Why?

This is because they will then push the extended warranties for hundreds of pounds, so WHEN your budget recliner develops problems they will make more money from the repairs. What these companies won’t tell you though is that extended warranties don’t cover fair wear and tear. So on cheaper products with poor component parts, it raises the questions, what actually equates as fair wear and tear and which faults that develop in the first 12 months are you covered for by the manufacturer’s guarantee and not the warranty company?

Also what they won’t tell you is that warranties only cover up to the maximum value of the purchase. So you may purchase a riser recliner for £299, pay £149 for an extended warranty and you will likely only get warranty cover to the value of £299. So should you, for example, have three £100 repairs or one £299 repair any further claims could be invalidated. We suggest you always get clarification before purchasing extended warranties.

Delivery cost can also be colossal; we know companies who charge a fixed fee of £149 for in-house installation. Always check the delivery charges before placing an order. Also check for return fees; many companies charge a re-stocking fee (which is illegal) and some will only refund a portion of the sale price. Spending a few moments checking these issues before you purchase can save many stressful hours trying the sort an issue further down the line.

Questions to ask a salesperson before purchasing a recliner

How many sizes is this recliner available in?

Usually it should come in a minimum of three, Petite, Standard and Large. This is because a person should fit the chair, not the other way round.

Am I eligible for VAT exemption?

If you have a long term disability you may be able to claim VAT relief if the purchase if for personal use and will help improve your quality of life.

What is your returns policy?

If you order a special made to order item, you may not be able to return the product once it has been made and delivered unless it is faulty or not as described. If you purchase a stock item you legally have 7 days to return the chair if it is unsuitable. You would require returning the item in as-new condition and some collection charges may apply, but this varies from company to company, so it is always worth knowing the information before you purchase.

How long will my new recliner take to deliver?

Again this varies from manufacturer to manufacturer. As an example British made products can take approximately 4- 8 weeks. Products ordered from the Far East can take 14- 20 weeks. So it is worth thinking ahead if you are expecting a long delivery lead time.

What warranties does the chair come with?

Legally all products sold in the UK are supplied with a minimum of 12 months warranty. Most British manufacturers however supply warranties on their products that cover the frames and electrics for up to 5 years for no extra charge.

Do you offer extended warranties?

Replacement parts can be quite expensive, so fairly priced warranties that cover your requirement can help put you mind at rest.

What happens if my chair develops a fault?

Like all things in life, sometimes things can go wrong. But sorting a problem as quickly and professionally as possible is often the sign of how good a company really is. Most British manufacturers should be able to undertake any repair work in-house. All repair queries should be arranged and actioned through the retailer. If the fault is electrical this is usually the case. Call-cuts can take usually 7- 10 days. As these chairs are usually more of a necessity than a luxury a good retailer will do everything possible to make sure the chair can stay in your home without the stress and upheaval of the chair having to leave your home.

Should I purchase from a Mobility Shop?

This is of course your choice and there are some very good local mobility shops, but please bear in mind, that as most people would think of visiting a mobility shop first when they need a recliner, the shops are aware of this and can massively increase the prices of the products they supply. As an example we know of a product that retails for £299 that can be found in mobility shops up and down the country for £1399. The older generation tends not to use the internet for price comparisons, so they may think that this is an average price. Also mobility stores usually have just two or three riser recliners on display. This is because they are not furniture specialist. They may be able to supply a walker or wheelchair, but supplying you with a comfortable chair that will fulfil your requirements for many years is unlikely.

Again, always check the delivery charges before placing an order. Also check for return fees; many companies charge a re-stocking fee {which is illegal) and some will only refund a portion of the sale price. Spending a few moments checking these issues before you purchase can save many stressful hours trying the sort an issue further down the line.

Why Recliner World is different and better than its competitors?

You may think this is a bold statement, but let me explain why it is not a factless claim.

1. Our staff are not paid by commission, meaning they will always make sure you get the recliner that is right for you rather than just trying to sell an item for the most money possible.

2. No sales person will call. We believe the selling techniques of the companies that have you as a captive audience in your own living room are just plain wrong, and the reverse psychology tactics they use to make you feel guilty for ‘not treating yourself’ or ‘not doing all you can to make yourself comfortable’ should be exposed.

3. We carry hundreds of riser recliners in-stock most with totally free installation. All British made riser recliners and la-z-Boy riser recliner are available with Room of Choice Free Installation.

4. Expert help is available in our showrooms and we will happily post brochures and swatches with no obligation on your behalf. We will supply you with all the information you require then leave you in peace to make your own informed choice in your own time.

5. We sell 5 Year Extended Warranties for a set fee of just £39.99 per recliner. This warranty starts the day you take delivery as it also covers the product for accidental damage that may occur. This is the only warranty in the UK to offer this cover. No hidden extra’s at all.

For a Free No Obligation brochure and catalogues feel free to call our office on {01772) 623001or visit one of our comfort studios in Lancashire and on Merseyside to make your own informed, no hassle decision.