A look ahead to the 2022 Whitby Goth Weekend

Lace umbrella - gothic style

Fascinating sights as Goths grab their finery for the weekend of the year - Credit: Charlotte Graham

April sees one of the town’s most memorable events come to life – Whitby Goth Weekend.

This year the event is being held from 22-24th when the streets of the harbour town come to life with enthusiasts from across the world celebrating gothic culture. 

Dressed in black, often in Victorian-style, and frequently flamboyant, men and women parade through the streets, heading towards the iconic Whitby Abbey and scuttling up the 199 steps like ants.  

It’s a celebration of art, music and alternative lifestyles – and is also a huge pull for photographers lured by the thought of capturing a Goth eating some chips with a seagull looking on, or just focussing on the character and style of those Goths truly dedicated to their lifestyle.  

The spirit of the weekend is celebratory and now the weekend is known globally (there are two annually – in April and October). The spooky spirit of Whitby with its links to Count Dracula thanks to Bram Stoker’s tale set in Whitby certainly adds to the dark theatre of the event. You can also tap into ghost walks and talks as well as scouring the town’s specialist shops for Goth memorabilia.