The terrifying Krampus Run is back in Whitby for 2021

Whitby Krampus Run 2018

Whitby Krampus Run 2018 - Credit: Simon Blackwood

The infamous Krampus Run in the Yorkshire seaside town is back this year with lots of scary child-tormenting folkloric demons

The story of the Krampus is thought to have originated in pre-Christian times and is an example of pagan Alpine folklore. The Krampus is a common part of Christmastime in Austria, Germany and other Alpine regions. The Christmas demon accompanies Saint Nicholas on Krampusnacht to scare naughty children on the evening of 5th December. Saint Nicholas gives treats and the Krampus will whip children with birch rods and use bells and chains to frighten them.

Whitby Krampus Run 2019

Whitby Krampus Run 2019 - Credit: Paul M Baxter

From humble beginnings back in 2013 when a lone Krampus took to the streets of Whitby, the Whitby Krampus Run has evolved into a yearly festival parade with dozens of costumed Krampuses and folklore characters pouring through the streets. The run will start from the Whitby Bandstand with activities from 12pm and the parade starting at 3.30pm which will proceed towards the Whale Bone Arch.

Whitby Krampus Run 2019

Whitby Krampus Run 2019 - Credit: David C. Kirtlan

'Whitby Krampus Run VII, Release the Beast' will be held on December 4 this year with lots of creepy, furry, cloven-hooved Krampuses and demons creating a terrifyingly festive event in the Yorkshire seaside town. The day will include drumming and fire performances with funds raised for Whitby Wildlife Sanctuary. There is a suggested donation of £5.

Whitby Krampus Run 2018

Whitby Krampus Run 2018 - Credit: Cassandra Sutton

On Sunday December 5, there will be an additional event with a gathering of beautiful animals including deer, horses, dogs and ravens descending upon the Abbey headland for the Whitby Krampus Run horse race and winner's ceremony. The Whitby Krampus Run is supported by Yorkshire Coast BID and Scarborough Borough Council.

For updates and full information, visit the Whitby Krampus Run Facebook page.

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