Why hiring a motorhome from Freedhome gives you freedom to roam

Freedhome Luxury Motorhome Hire

Freedhome Luxury Motorhome Hire - Credit: Archant

There is nothing like it – that feeling of freedom that comes from hiring a motorhome.

Freedhome Luxury Motorhome Hire

Freedhome Luxury Motorhome Hire - Credit: Archant

Whether you intend to travel the length and breadth of the UK, or you want to venture further afield and explore different countries, a motorhome is the ideal way to do it.

But of course, there are many motorhome hire companies out there. Loads of them that promise the world. The difference between them and us at Freedhome Luxury Motorhome Hire is that we keep our promises – with us, your holiday starts from the moment you hire your well-equipped motorhome, and it only ends when you hand back the keys. We give you everything you need to make that time in between the best it can be.

What exactly is it that makes Freedhome Luxury Motorhome Hire the best company to contact about motorhome hire? Well to start with, none of our fantastic motorhomes are more than two years old. That means that even our ‘oldest’ vehicles are still top of the range and come complete with all the mod cons that make them a home from home.

We also offer a choice of either manual or automatic transmissions so that everyone can have a chance to drive one of our beautiful motorhomes. We don’t want you to miss out just because of the type of vehicle you are licenced to drive. That just wouldn’t be fair.

What also wouldn’t be fair would be to make you stay in a motorhome that had previously had dogs in it, if dogs are not your thing. Our pet friendly vehicles are never hired out to anyone without a pet, and vice versa.

We give you a lot with your motorhome. We give you bike racks, insurance, full breakdown cover, gas bottles, sat nav units, solar panels, free parking for your own car, membership of the Camping and Caravanning Club (that means you can stay any campsite associated with the club; the best campsites across the country), and as much help and advice as you need. And all of the above is completely free when you hire a motorhome from us. Now it is entirely possible to get these things from other motorhome hire companies… but you will need to pay for them…

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In essence, our home from home, fully equipped, comfortable, and affordable luxury motorhomes are the best way to have a holiday that you will remember forever.

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