Why is developing a strong brand identity important?

Vivid Brighton

Vivid Brighton - Credit: Archant

Your brand can become one of your company’s most important assets and must be viewed as far more than just a logo.

Chique Strings

Chique Strings - Credit: Archant

Vivid Brighton

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Kitchen Store - Credit: Archant

23 Grand Parade, Brighton, BN2 9QB.

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When consumers think of your company, what are the things they think about? Establishing a brand should address everything, from your logo, to stationery, to marketing literature and of-course a website. Every item you produce for your company should maintain a coherent look and feel.

Brand consistency builds brand recognition.

Brand recognition leads to brand growth.

Recent research suggested the value that your brand represents to your overall company value can be as much as 15%, and in the case of a business like Coca-Cola & Apple, that figure is 50%. Therefore developing a strong brand identity can have a massive impact on your business.

At Vivid Brighton we can help develop an identity that truly reflects both your brand vision and brand message helping you grow your business. We help clients grow their business through innovative graphic design & brand development solutions.

As a creative branding agency we help clients grow their business through innovative graphic design & brand development solutions. Working with clients in London and across the south coast our services include logo design, branding, responsive website design & build, user experience, marketing and print management. We’re an approachable team with a creative passion that envelops all projects. As a full service agency we are big enough to respond to all brand and marketing requirements and small enough to deliver on detail.

The following testimonial highlights how our branding process assists with business growth…

“The new logo, brand & website has been amazing. Of-course the design is great but also the entire branding process – helping us focus on every-thing we do, having you guys to bounce ideas off. Your help with organising our thoughts, ideas and condensing it into something simple and beautiful has been brilliant. People are immediately seeing what we do and nothing needs explaining. New contacts are visiting the website, returning our calls and talking to us straight away which is amazing.”

Sarah E Carter. Chique Strings.

At Vivid Brighton we fully appreciate the financial investment of any branding exercise and will therefore always aspire to do all we can truly enhance and grow your business. The more we can assist your business, the more you will require from us, developing a relationship of mutual financial benefit.

That’s Vivid Brighton: creative by design.