Aber Falls' Whisky Distillery: The perfect summer day trip in Wales 

Abers Falls' 100 per cent Welsh, single malt whisky sold out in 40 minutes earlier this year in Abergwyngregyn, North Wales. 

Abers Falls' Whisky Distillery's 100 per cent Welsh, single malt whisky sold out in 40 minutes earlier this year. - Credit: Aber Falls' Whisky Distillery

Picture this – you’re lounging by the river, gin (or whisky) in hand, soaking up some rays and enjoying freshly cooked food in the heart of rural North Wales. Well, at the award-winning Aber Falls’ Whisky Distillery in Abergwyngregyn, you can do just that. 

Appreciating community, locality and the beauty of the Welsh landscape are just a few of the reasons why Aber Falls’ is so special. “We’re not just a distillery – we represent Welsh heritage, culture and lifestyle,” managing director of the distillery James Wright explains. 

James shares four reasons why the first whisky distillery in North Wales for 100 years is a fabulous day out for non-drinkers and whisky-lovers alike. 

 The Aber Falls' Whisky Distillery provide their guests with an authentic Welsh experience in Abergwyngregyn, North Wales.

The Aber Falls' Distillery provides their guests with a truly authentic Welsh experience. - Credit: Aber Falls' Whisky Distillery

1. A stunning location 

Nestled in the rural paradise that surrounds Abergwyngregyn, the distillery is set against a truly breath-taking backdrop of the Snowdonian mountains and the Menai Strait. 

“We focus on creating an experience of what we do at the distillery, whilst encouraging our visitors to explore the area, so they can truly immerse themselves in the beauty of North Wales,” James explains. 

“We are blessed to be situated in such an idyllic area, and whether you’d like to buy a picnic from us to take away, or nibble on a delicious crab sandwich while sipping a local beer, the river is a tranquil place to enjoy a spot of lunch.” 

Enjoy a delicious crab sandwich and some Welsh whisky by the river at the Aber Falls' Whisky Distillery in North Wales.

Enjoy a delicious crab sandwich and a glass of authentic Welsh whisky by the river at the Aber Falls' Whisky Distillery in North Wales - Credit: Aber Falls' Whisky Distillery

2. Authentic, quality produce 

“When I get asked why our alcohol is so popular, my reply is simple: Come and try it and you’ll see,” James says. “We create what I like to call a ‘pyramid of flavour’ – the alcohol fulfils a taste profile whilst delivering on quality and consistency,” he adds. 

‘Orange Marmalade’ is a popular choice for gin, and at £25 a bottle, it’s affordable without compromising on taste. ‘Salted Toffee’ is a popular liqueur, and both have won silver medals at the International Wine and Spirit Competition in 2018 and Francisco World Spirits Competitions in 2018. "Earlier this year, we also launched our very own 100 per cent Welsh single malt whisky, distilled in barrels of Spanish sherry and orange wine - it sold out in just 40 minutes," James says.

The distillery uses the Famers’ Union for sustainable crops, and unyielded crops are sent to be used elsewhere. “We use the fresh water from the Aber Falls waterfall, and in the future, we hope the Falls will power our plant. The malt and barley are sourced from Welsh farmers, we store our whisky in warehouses on the Menai Strait and distilling takes place on site,” James explains. 

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“We really do stay true to our claim of being 100 per cent Welsh,” he says. 

The Aber Falls' Whisky Distillery by the Snowdonian Mountains and the Menai Strait in Abergwyngregyn, North Wales.

The Aber Falls' Whisky Distillery is situated by the Snowdonian Mountains and the Menai Strait in Abergwyngregyn, North Wales. - Credit: Aber Falls' Whisky Distillery

3. Enjoy a whisky tour or gin lab experience 

“Our state-of-the-art visitors’ centre is the perfect opportunity to taste the alcohol and experience everything we have to offer first-hand,” James explains. “The tours of our whisky and gin labs are where art meets science, and you’ll have a chance to talk to our expert distillers and learn more about the process.

You can book online for an experience of the labs. Exclusive whisky tours are also available where you can draw your own whisky out of the cask. This is followed by a visit to the audio-visual room where you can watch a film about the surrounding area to inspire your experience of North Wales, outside of the distillery. 

The gin lab tours of the Aber Falls' Whisky Distillery in Abergwyngregyn, North Wales.

Come rain or shine, the distillery is a great day trip to enjoy food, drink and embrace the culture of North Wales - Credit: Aber Falls' Whisky Distillery

4. Locally-sourced, freshly-made food 

“Our Welsh speaking team are all employed locally. We also work with local suppliers to support the Welsh food and drink strategy,” James says. “We offer Welsh hampers that include different varieties of meats, coffees, alcohol and cheeses, giving our visitors a real taste of North Wales.” 

James explains how the company goes hand-in-hand with the local community. “The Welsh Farmers’ Market is another stepping stone to learn about our produce which we will be launching at the distillery site soon, and it’s a splendid opportunity to try different drinks, flavours, cheeses, whisky, or perhaps even some fresh crab,” he mentions. 

So, whether you fancy local food and drink, exploring the beauty of North Wales, or even just enjoying a glass (or two) of some high-quality gin and whisky on the river, the Aber Falls’ Whisky Distillery is here to make your North Wales experience a truly spectacular one. 

To find out more information about the Aber Falls’ Whisky Distillery, visit aberfallsdistillery.com/en/ or aberfallsdistillery.com/en/product/distillery-tours/ to book a tour. 

Alternatively, contact visitorcentre@aberfallsdistillery.com regarding tours, or call the distillery on 01248 209224.