Why Choose A Girls-Only Education? - Withington Girls’ School Open Days

Withington Girls’ School

Withington Girls’ School - Credit: Archant

As Withington Girls’ School prepares to welcome prospective pupils and their families to Open Days on 7th and 9th November, Headmistress, Mrs Sarah Haslam, discusses the benefits for girls of single-sex education.

Sarah Haslam

Sarah Haslam - Credit: Archant

"Research supports the benefits of different approaches to learning for boys and girls and we at Withington believe wholeheartedly in the benefits offered by an education environment dedicated to girls.

"Our aim is for girls to leave school ready to pursue their dreams and ambitions, inspired and supported by female role models and by each other in our collaborative, empowering environment, which is so typical of independent girls' schools.

"The outcome is that our pupils do not hesitate to choose to study and excel in subjects traditionally dominated by boys, such as Mathematics and Physics; they are offered an abundance of opportunities to develop leadership skills and are unhindered by the stereotypes that might have stopped them continuing with activities such as sport or debating.

Withington Girls’ School Open Days

Withington Girls’ School Open Days - Credit: Archant

"Already initiating, exploring and leading through enthusiastic engagement in the classroom and in a host of extra-curricular opportunities, Withington girls are encouraged to develop a sense of themselves and of their potential, which is so sustaining and motivating.

"When combined with an inspiring whole school ethos, thoughtful personal and social education, careers and alumnae programmes, you have something very powerful - girls with a sense of their capacity to make their own amazing contribution to the world."

Withington's next Open Days are on 7th and 9th November, with entrance exams for Seniors on 10th January and for Junior entry (Years 3 upwards) on 18th January. For Admissions information visit www.wgs.org.

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