Yorkshire’s most iconic train journey

Arten Gilll viaduct on the Settle--Carlisle - one of the most scenic journeys in the country which you can enjoy on the...

Arten Gilll viaduct on the Settle--Carlisle - one of the most scenic journeys in the country which you can enjoy on the new Rail Charter Services tourist route - Credit: Archant

Adrian Quine loves trains - so he set up a new railway service on one of Yorkshire’s most breath-taking routes

How I spend my days

Trains, trains and more trains Setting up the UK’s first ever dedicated daily timetabled tourist train from Skipton and Settle to Appleby in Cumbria along the stunningly beautiful Settle to Carlisle line has been hugely exciting but also exhausting. Lots of railway bureaucracy to navigate but the results, over 550% increase in passengers by the end of week 1 enlightened the soul. By the end of the Summer I might just give trains a miss for a month though! Looking forward to visiting our Riad in Marrakech when lockdown ends.

Friday night means - cocktails or chill out?

My sixth form teenage daughter is turning into something of a cocktail queen and connoisseur. I am starting to get more adventurous by branching out from my usual ‘planters punch’. Sometimes it does take a tad of vivid imagination though to mistake the local weather for the Caribbean sunshine!

Saturday morning - papers or Parkrun?

Has to be The Telegraph although I’m probably biased as a writer of irregular comment pieces for the paper. When the weather is kind we tend to head off to the river or the hills. We are so lucky to have God’s own county on our doorstep.

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Feeding time – what are you cooking/eating?

During lockdown as a family we have set up our hybrid ‘MasterChef’ mixed with ‘Come Dine with Me’. I normally come last!

Retail therapy

I loathe shopping so am bound to underwhelm, I’m afraid. York designer outlet to buy a new pair of Timberlands is currently about as good as it gets.

Saturday night perfection is

In the pre Covid world it was usually made up of friends coming to stay for the weekend or over for dinner but sadly our social life, like everyone else’s has been somewhat curtailed recently. The up side is seeing the children more, my daughter home from school near York and my son back from second year at Exeter University. The last four months has helped us grow together as a family, spending time chatting, playing card games and going for long walks. The flip side is not being able to see my elderly mother in Suffolk who thankfully has my sister to tend to her.

Sunday chills

Starts with either virtual church or gardening followed by an obligatory G&T (V&T in my wife’s case) before lunch. Has to be Bombay Sapphire and the unbeatable Fever Tree tonic alongside a copy of The Sunday Times turned immediately to Rod Liddle’s deliciously un-pc column. Sundays are most definitely zoom free.

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