3 dark sky spots to view the supermoons in 2021

Against a dark blue sky, the moon is tinged red. A few stars can be seen flickering.

With supermoons expected in April and May, its the perfect time for some stargazing - Credit: Ganapathy Kumar, Unsplash

Cornwall has three designated Dark Sky Discovery sites which are perfect for viewing the upcoming supermoons

Both full moons in April and May will be supermoons in 2021 which means they will be as close to the Earth as possible, making them huge in the night sky. This is a perfect time to take some blankets, maybe a picnic supper, and see the wonders of the night's sky. Although you'll be able to see the moon from anywhere there isn't cloud, the best places are where there is no man-made light which disrupts the view of the stars. 

We've found the three best places in Cornwall to go stargazing which are all official Dark Sky Discovery locations. This means they have been assessed on elements such as light pollution and accessibility to ensure your view is clear, regardless of mobility. 

To find out more about top tips for stargazing and also what to look out for, check out the Dark Sky Discovery website here.

Bodmin Moor

Bodmin is an internationally recognised Dark Sky location, making it one of the best places in the world for looking up at night. Great work has been done to prevent any light pollution from changing the visibility of the night sky and much of the land is accessible to the public.

The moor is a beautiful place at any time of the day with rugged terrain and large granite tors to explore. During the day-time, visitors can enjoy hiking, bicycling, fishing, and rock climbing. At night, anywhere will work to view the stars and supermoons, but you can find more information about the best spots here, they are all close to a carpark and offer pretty easy access to all abilities.

The sun sets over the horizon, sending straight lines of light across the flat plains of Bodmin Moor

The open landscape of Bodmin Moor is perfect for a 360 view if the stars - Credit: Colin C. James, Unsplash

Carnewas and Bedruthan Steps

This is a very popular spot on the north Cornish coast that has great views from the clifftops of both sea and sky. The National Trust owns much of the surrounding land and it's a great spot to walk where you won't meet too many people. Parking is free for members and is situated right next to the cliffs where you can enjoy the supermoon. This is a great spot to look at the Milky Way too.

St Agnes Head

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This is another National Trust area which is the very point of St Agnes Bay. Take a short walk up the cliff path and you will be met with a truly remarkable view of the moon and stars. Again, there is plenty of parking which includes a small fee for non-National Trust Members, but it is worth every penny for an unpolluted view of our universe. 

So, don't forget your walking boots, snacks, and a warm coat, grab your camera, and go enjoy the amazing dark sky locations Cornwall has to offer. You might want to brush up on your photography skills beforehand so you can make the most of your time and try to capture the amazing view.

The supermoons will be visible on April 27th which is a Pink Moon and May 26th which is a Flower Moon. Enjoy!