Amazing animal sightings in Sussex

Smooth-hound Shark by Mark Fox under CC BY-NC-ND 2.0 licence (

Smooth-hound Shark by Mark Fox under CC BY-NC-ND 2.0 licence ( via - Credit: Archant

With our long stretch of coastline as well as the South Downs (and everything in between), Sussex is a great place to spot a big range of wildlife. We’ve rounded up a few of the more unusual sightings...



Smooth-hound sharks, Medmerry

You don’t often associate the words ‘Shark’ and ‘Sussex’, but that’s exactly what happened when a large number of Smooth-hound’s (pictured above) were spotted at Medmerry. Whilst the species is common in British waters, it’s the amount of sharks (around 50) in one place that make this such an amazing sighting.



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Grey seal, Seaford

Again, not exactly a rare species to spot in Sussex waters - or anywhere along the UK coastline for that matter - but this seal became a bit of a local celebrity back in 2013 when he made Seaford beach his home when moulting. The solitary seal (seal’s usually moult in a colony which makes this sighting extra special) was beautifully named ‘Trevor’.



Great White egret, Arundel

Whilst sightings of this bird in Sussex (and other areas of the UK) have increased over the last few years, it is still something to savour if you do spot one. With just an estimated 35 birds spending winter in the UK, be sure to have a camera at the ready if you spot one in Sussex; just like this person did...



Albino squirrel

Estimates suggest there around 5 million grey squirrels across the UK with 1 in every 100,000 being albino. This means the picture below is one of approximately 50 in the country!



Big cats..?

Right, so we’re aware that big cats have never actually been proven as residents of the UK but there’s no smoke without fire, right? It seems as though every location in the country has a catchy name for their local big cat and we’re no different here in Sussex with the ‘Beast of Bevendean’ (which, incidentally, we can’t find a picture/video of on the internet...)! On one hand we're dubious at the lack of high quality footage of these creatures, and on the other, we like to think that this amount of people aren’t mistaking Smudge from down the road with an actual ‘big cat’? We’ll let you decide...