Bristol is home to the most diverse wildlife species in UK

Colourful houses in a suburb of Bristol

Kingsdown, Bristol - Credit: Mikey Harris, Unsplash

Bristol has topped the list of cities with more than 7000 unique species.

New research has revealed the top five UK cities that are rich with wildlife, and provided top tips on how to keep gardens thriving this summer. Bristol took the number one spot with 7,940 species, including the Eastern Grey Squirrel and Speckled Wood Butterfly. The city was followed by Leicester (5,840 species) and Edinburgh (5,285 species). 

As British summer time begins, OnBuy, the UK’s third largest general marketplace, has revealed a list of the most biodiverse cities in the UK. The brand’s goal is to encourage Brits to not only enjoy, but to nurture their gardens this summer, in the hope of providing sanctuary to some of the UK’s most prominent wildlife.

A grey squirrel looks on curiously from a fence in a wood

An eastern grey squirrel - Credit: Jon Finlay, Unsplash

Last year, the Woodland Trust spent £76.1 million of charitable Brit’s donations on conserving, protecting, and saving British Wildlife. When comparing this with how much Brits spend on their own gardens, OnBuy found that UK households are spending twenty-four times as much (£1.85 billion) on plants, flowers and other gardening goods. 

Whilst abundant in Somerset, the Grey Squirrel is considered a pest in the UK. Their numbers are steady and rising so don't worry about adapting your gardens for them. Instead, prevent squirrels from stealing food from other more endangered wildlife, supply an abundance of acorns, bulbs, tree shoots, buds, fungi, nuts, or roots. This will help keep their furry hands out of bird feeders, and away from other animals' harvests.

The best way to encourage Speckled Wood Butterflies is through a healthy choice of trees and plants. Depending on your space, you can adapt your selection to fit your garden. If you can, also look to leave part of your garden wild which will be a safe haven for butterflies and all manner of other insects.

A Speckled Wood Butterfly rests on a yellow flower

A Speckled Wood Butterfly - Credit: Boudewijn Huysmans, Unsplash

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