7 things to see and hear in Cheshire this Spring

The common frog

The common frog - Credit: Richard Burkmar

Cheshire is awakening and the newborn wild world will help put a spring in your step, says Cheshire Wildlife Trust

Spring is such a special time of year, and it should be embraced to take in everything it has to offer. Besides, it’s an easy way of looking after our wellbeing – especially during these unprecedented times. The colours of bluebells, primroses, wild garlic, accompanied by birdsong around you – what’s not to love?

Here is a rundown of some of my favourite things to see, hear and do, and places to visit this spring to help you really take it all in.

Things you can see

A blanket of bluebells heralding spring

A blanket of bluebells heralding spring - Credit: Gillian Day

The best months to see bluebells are in April and May. If you have an ancient woodland nearby, I highly recommend taking a walk to look for the much-loved, nodding heads of the bluebell. Millions of bulbs can exist in just one wood, giving rise to the blue carpets that are a springtime joy. Take a look at the ‘places to visit’ section for our best nature reserves for bluebells.

Lady’s smock 
A sure sign spring has arrived is the emergence of lady’s smock, also commonly known as cuckoo flower. It’s an extra special flower as it’s been known to coincide with the arrival of the first cuckoo, hence its common name. This pretty perennial loves damp places and can be found on wet grassland, ditch edges and roadside verges.

Primroses peeping through are a first sign of spring

Primroses peeping through are a first sign of spring - Credit: Don Sutherland

The primrose is one of my favourites – I know spring is near when I see it coming to life and the flowers are so pretty. I have noticed in recent years they’ve started to flower in my garden as early as January though – a sure sign our winters are getting warmer. Look out for its pretty, creamy-yellow flowers in woodlands and grasslands.

On those warm, spring days watch for the first butterflies to emerge from their over-wintering. Brimstones, peacocks, comma, red admiral and tortoiseshell can all make appearances in your gardens, so make sure you have some nectar-rich flowers for them to enjoy. You can find out which ones to plant here: 

Things you can hear

A spring cuckoo

Cuckoos are nesting and shouting about it - Credit: CWT

The cuckoo. One of the most satisfying sounds of spring, although over the years has fallen fainter in the countryside. The song of the cuckoo sounds the same as its name: ‘cuck-oo’. Of course, cuckoos famously lay their eggs in the nests of other birds. Very cheeky.

Most Read

Common frog
Listen out for the croaks of the common frog as they call out for a mate. Common frogs are amphibians, breeding in ponds during the spring and spending much of the rest of the year feeding in woodland, gardens, hedgerows and grassland.

Dawn chorus
The magic of the dawn chorus during spring is not to be missed. Four am get-ups are not my thing but I will make an extra effort each year, at least once, to either sit in my garden or go to a local park and listen to the wonderful sounds of nature waking up. It starts the day off just right – especially if you take a hot drink with you.