Dobbies Garden Centre is hosting a free virtual event for World Bee Day

Close up color image of a bumble bee pollinating purple wildflowers in a fresh lush meadow.

World Bee Day is a great time to find out how to encourage the insects to your garden - Credit: Dobbies/Neal’s Yard Remedies

Wold Bee Day is happening on May 20th this year and is a chance to fully appreciate all that the tiny bumbles do for us. Dobbies Garden Centre is teaming up with Neal’s Yard Remedies for a virtual event to teach viewers how to encourage the insects into their gardens this summer.

We all know Dobbies for its great flowers and garden-related items. Their motto ‘not your average garden centre’ also relates to their positive work for the environment on the whole. The recent #sustainabledobbies includes promoting more eco friendly purchases as well as looking to be 100% peat free by 2022. With more than 70 stores nationwide, this is no small feat and they are also supporters of HRH The Prince of Wales' Terra Carta

Now, to celebrate everyone's favourite buzzing and bumbling insect, they are hosting a bee-loving event to tell us more about how to care for bee populations in Somerset and beyond. Despite the rise in popularity of bee keeping, the UK's population of pollinators has reduced by a third in the past decade. Habitat loss, climate change, and the use of pesticides have all been linked to their demise. 

But there are things people can do to encourage and help bees in their work. Dobbies will be joined by Tipper Lewis, Brand Ambassador for Neal’s Yard Remedies, who will offer top tips on the best blooms for bees and share advice on how to maximise a garden’s ‘pollen power’, so that everyone can play their part in creating a sanctuary for bees in their gardens this summer.

A picture of Tipper Lewis sat next to some wild flowers

Tipper will provide attendees with top tips on the best blooms for bees - Credit: Dobbies/Neal’s Yard Remedies

Tipper and all at Neal's are aware of how their industry can affect bees and every purchase from their Bee Lovely range will support bee friendly charities across the world. 

"Bees are hugely vital to so many things in our daily lives, from the food we eat to the flowers in our gardens and even the skincare we use. The team at Neal’s Yard Remedies and I are very excited to share our knowledge, passion and love for bees of all kinds with Dobbies’ Somerset customers, and we hope they’ll enjoy learning more about them as we celebrate World Bee Day."

A close up of a bumble bee on a blue flower, pollen clings to its hairs.

Bees are one of the most vital elements of our eco-system - Credit: Matt X, Flickr

This event is part of a wider series at Dobbies across the summer so be sure to check their line-up regularly for more interesting talks and information about how to care for your garden. 

The sessions are free of charge and exclusively available to Dobbies Club members. For those who aren’t yet members of Dobbies Club, it's free and signing up is quick and simple, giving access to a variety of benefits, special offers and exclusive events. It's sure to be bee-rilliant!

Learn more and book tickets here.

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