5 breath-taking hidden waterfalls in Cornwall

Water crashes down a narrow gully going behind the rock before reappearing

Saint Nectan's Kieve - Credit: Robert Pittman, Flickr

Tucked in the depths of Cornwall, there are some incredible landmarks to find.

Waterfalls are a magical characteristic of many of Britain's woodlands and cliffsides. Here in Cornwall, we are lucky enough to have several to choose from when you want to head off the beaten path. If you're brave enough to handle the chill, many can be stood under too!

Luxulyan Valley

First up is an incredible valley full of industrial history. Whilst there are many waterfalls hidden around this location, perhaps the most iconic plunges directly down from a wheel pit. There are several walking trails to enjoy that range from three to six miles, making this a great place to spend a day.

Tregardock Beach

At the north end of a North Cornwall beach, lies a waterfall that looks like something out of an adventure book. Cascading over the edge of the cliff onto the sand below, the waterfall covers the mouth of a shallow cave, adding to the mysteriousness of the location.

Culm Coast

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Culm is home to two impressive waterfalls, the first of which bubbles up from a brook before dramatically plunging down 100 feet. Follow the water along and you will reach the second, larger water feature at Speke’s Mill Mouth. The waters come falling down from a narrow cliff opening, dropping around 60ft, to the pebbly beach below and out to sea. You can climb down to see the waterfall from the beach.

Golitha Falls

The Golitha Falls are a series of spectacular cascades and waterfalls along a section of the River Fowey as it makes its way through the ancient oak woodland of Draynes Wood. It is one of the best beauty spots on Bodmin Moor with a truly magical vibe.

Over the course of the falls the river descends 90 metres meaning the water is always fast flowing. However, to capture Golitha Falls at their most spectacular you should try to visit after heavy rain on the moors.

St Nectan's Kieve

Probably the most iconic looking waterfall in Cornwall, Saint Nectan plunges 60 feet into a basin-shaped rock which it then flows through. Located not far from Tintagel Castle, the waterfall is steeped in mythology and some claim it is a sacred place or holy well.