Look what's living in Scilly's seas!

Take the chance to celebrate marine wildlife with The Isles of Scilly Wildlife Trust during National Marine Week.

Take the chance to celebrate marine wildlife with The Isles of Scilly Wildlife Trust during National Marine Week. Whether it’s clinging to a rock among a sea of anemones, or buried in the soft sand in cunning camouflage, the wildlife hidden beneath the waves around the UK is intriguing and mysterious. Why not take a voyage of discovery during The Wildlife Trusts’ National Marine Week?

From Saturday 31 July to Sunday 15 August, Wildlife Trusts up and down the UK will be celebrating our unique undersea life, running marine themed activities such as rockpool rambles and fossil walks in fishy fancy dress! And of course, The Isles of Scilly will be getting in on the action too.

Angie Gall, Marine Conservation Officer for The Isles of Scilly Wildlife Trust says, “Join the Trust at one of the fetes taking place on various off-islands and celebrate National Marine Week with us. We will be exploring the rocky shore, scavenging along the strand line, playing games and doing craft activities, all in marine dress!”  Other activities will include a Whale and Dolphin Watch off Peninnis Head with marine wildlife guide Paul Semmens on 11th August at 1.30pm - a chance to see marine mammals without feeling seasick! Additionally, local kids will be getting involved in a marine safety week organised by the police learning how to be safe at sea, and experts and trained Seasearch divers will be carrying out a survey of the seaweeds of Scilly during the second half of National Marine Week.

Lissa Goodwin, Living Seas Officer for The Wildlife Trusts says, “You don’t have to live by the sea to appreciate the wonderful creatures that inhabit our oceans. There’s the curious tompot blenny that often comes to check out divers, the fearsome spider crab which can reach over a metre in length, and the technicolour sea slugs whose stunning looks rival any creature on sea or land.”

“National Marine Week is a chance to appreciate and celebrate this wonderful variety, and The Wildlife Trusts feel this is the perfect time to launch our vision for Living Seas. It’s our plan for the future of the UK’s marine life - we want to see our oceans returned to their former splendour through the implementation of the new Marine and Coastal Access Act, and we want the public to share our vision too. This will give us the greatest chance of achieving Living Seas, where wildlife thrives from the depths of the ocean to the coastal shallows.”

Whether you get involved in an Isles of Scilly Wildlife Trust event or simply browse through a copy of The Wildlife Trusts’ Living Seas vision, take the time to immerse yourself in some marine life this National Marine Week 

For more details on activities and events taking place on The Isles of Scilly please see www.ios-wildlifetrust.org.uk/newswhatson.  To find out more about what is happening across the country during The Wildlife Trusts’ National Marine Week please visit: www.wildlifetrusts.org/?section=events:summer:marineweek