Mare and Foal Sanctuary in Newton Abbot rescue foal whose mum died on Dartmoor

Rescued foal Ava

Rescued foal Ava - Credit: Archant

The tiny foal named Ava, just a few weeks old, was found alone and terrified near the village of Lee Moor

Worried residents initially called local charity Hill Pony Resources, who managed to bring the foal in off the moor and monitor her overnight.

But, as a small team run completely by volunteers and with a yard full to capacity, they felt Ava would have the best chance of survival at The Mare and Foal Sanctuary in Newton Abbot, which has a specialised veterinary and welfare centre, Beech Trees.

The dedicated team at Beech Trees swung into action, trying to keep Ava calm with a giant teddy bear for comfort.

Because of her young age and fragile health, she received 24¬hour care, with the Sanctuary's grooms taking it in turns to stay overnight and monitor CCTV cameras - and doing everything in their power to comfort her.

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