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For over 30 years January has been enlivened by the RSPB's Garden Bird Survey – now summer wildlife comes under the spotlight ...

For over 30 years January has been enlivened by the RSPB’s Garden Bird Survey – now summer wildlife comes under the spotlight ...

From 5th to 13th June the RSPB is asking people to count all the wildlife in their garden – not only birds but other wildlife like hedgehogs, badgers, deer and moles. Sixty-two thousand people took part in the first summer wildlife survey last year and the results revealed that about a quarter of our gardens are home to foxes and hedgehogs. One in ten people also reported seeing badgers.

Richard Bashford, the RSPB’s Make Your Nature Count manager, said: ‘Gardens are teeming with wildlife at this time of year so it’s the perfect time to take a moment and enjoy it. It will also help to build an important snapshot of summer wildlife in our gardens so we can see which species are thriving and which might need our help.’

Last year’s survey also revealed that on average 10 different species of birds are in our gardens in June with blackbirds the most frequent visitor – recorded in 94 per cent of all gardens – followed by the woodpigeon in 80 per cent. The RSPB is also asking people to look out for blackbird, robin and song thrush chicks to help give an indication of how successfully they are breeding across the UK.

The survey requires you to spend an hour during the week of 5th to 13th June counting birds and any other wildlife that visit your garden, and record the highest number of each species seen at any one time.

For details visit the RSPB website or phone 0300 456 8340 (number available until 10th June) for a Make Your Nature Count survey form.

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Last year’s survey results:

Species seen regularly – at least monthly

Badger 5.7

Fox 26.4

Grey squirrel 54.3

Red squirrel 0.92

Hedgehog 24.6

Kestrel 6.5

Sparrowhawk 20.8

Frog 38.7

Toad 17.9


The RSPB is campaigning for the UK, Welsh and Scottish governments to create a network of well-protected marine areas to safeguard sea creatures. It is asking children across Derbyshire to help through sponsored activities such as cycling, hopping, running, singing and even sponsored silences. For details visit, write to: RSPB Wildlife Explorers, The Lodge, Sandy, Bedfordshire, SG19 2DL or email: