Search is on to find love for Jade

This is Jade the Lovebird

This is Jade the Lovebird - Credit: Archant

Lonely lovebird has been left downhearted after she was admitted to an RSPCA centre on her own and now staff are desperately searching for a soulmate for her.

Jade is staying at RSPCA West Hatch in Taunton and she is the only bird of her kind in the centre.

Naturally lovebirds live in small flocks and form monogamous relationships within the group. Paired birds spend long periods of time sitting together, but poor Jade is all alone.

Staff believe Jade may be female but as it is difficult to sex lovebirds there is some uncertainty.

Animal care assistant Karen Reed says: “Lovebirds are sociable animals and Jade is not hand tame so is likely to be lonely.

“Unfortunately we haven’t any other lovebirds we can try to house with her to give her the company she needs, so she is pretty lonely. We would love to find her a new home to go to with a new friend as soon as we can.”

Jade was brought in to RSPCA West Hatch after her owner could no longer keep her.

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If anyone would like to offer Jade a home they can contact RSPCA West Hatch on 0300 123 0747.