Tarvin Sands Reindeer Centre

Clint Shaw at his Reindeer Centre

Clint Shaw at his Reindeer Centre - Credit: Archant

Popular visitor centre gets ready for Christmas

Clint Shaw never envisaged Tarvin Sands Reindeer Centre becoming a tourist attraction. He first created a lake on land off the A51 in Tarvin as a place of respite for his father. But over the years the site became popular with visitors.

Today, there are several lakes frequented by enthusiastic fisherman and the area is also home to Clint’s reindeer. He’s kept them for several years and now visitors can see the animals up close as well as experiencing family fun events.

Clint has devoted many years to the animals as well as acting as a consultant for people establishing a herd, including at Longleat. But none of it is done for the money. Clint said: ‘I do it for the smiles on the children’s faces and so I know these animals are well looked after. I do events with Claire House and take the reindeer there for the children to see. I’m very busy at Christmas, as you can imagine.’