The protection of Binswood in East Worldham

Photo by Philip Formby

Photo by Philip Formby - Credit: Archant

Binswood in East Worldham is one of woodland conservation charity the Woodland Trust’s most stunning woods.

A walk among the gnarly oak trees and wood pasture is like stepping back into a forgotten world. Centuries old and a haven of peace, this type of pasture woodland provides an intriguing glimpse of the countryside as it might have been in medieval times. To this day ancient woodlands like Binswood offer sanctuary to cherished wildlife like hedgehogs and barn owls.

Ancient woods are national treasures. Just as precious and irreplaceable as any work of art or stately home. You only have to stand under the canopy of a mighty oak or savour the beauty of a carpet of bluebells to know it’s true. Yet, you might be shocked to learn our ancient woodlands are almost completely without legal protection and sadly, threatened like never before.

In 2017 ancient woodland covers just 2% of the UK – and once it’s gone, it’s gone forever. Ancient woodland is at least 400 years old and is our richest wildlife habitat. The little we have left is often threatened by developments such as new roads and rail expansions, housing schemes and urban sprawl. Then there are the risks posed by diseases like ash dieback, invasive species and climate change. And what makes the loss of ancient woodland such a national tragedy is that once these unique habitats are gone, they are truly gone forever.

Can you imagine a UK without our ancient woods? A UK where you couldn’t hear woodpeckers ‘drumming’ on the trees in spring or spot rare butterflies like the purple emperor flitting through the air. A UK where you couldn’t escape to magical places that haven’t changed in hundreds or even thousands of years.

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