5 things to do for thrill seekers in Yorkshire

There are great surf schools at Whitby, Scarborough and Cayton Bay
© Tony Bartholomew 01723

There are great surf schools at Whitby, Scarborough and Cayton Bay - Credit: Tony Bartholomew

If you're looking for excitement this summer, these places and activities will bring an adrenaline rush.

Make a splash
Paddleboarding, surfing, coasteering? Go on a physical and aquatic adventure along the Yorkshire coast, and if you’re brave enough, take a leap into the nippy waters. Caves, waves and even a shipwreck or two to discover.

Explore the ancient Stump Cross Caverns  
Step back in time and meander the unique underground passageways, packed full of fossils and history dating back millions of years. They’re up and running after a massive fund-raising effort.  

Forget your fears at the Forbidden Corner 
Find a world of strange things in the labyrinth of tunnels, chambers, follies and surprises.  

Bird’s eye views   
Take to the skies for some dazzling views of the coastline – sky-diving is a definite bucket list must-try. Time to feel the fear. 

Fly through the air at Flamingo Land 
Popular with families, you can’t beat the thrill of soaring sky high on a rollercoaster every now and then.  

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