5 great foodie day trips in Yorkshire

Foodie paradise - Talbot Yard at Malton

Foodie paradise - Talbot Yard at Malton - Credit: Archant

We love our food in Yorkshire and there are many ways to make a day out of indulgence.

Tour the Yorkshire Vines 
You might not think about vineyards thriving in the colder climes of Yorkshire, but Yorkshire Heart will prove you wrong. Tour the vines, taste the wines and have a merry day out.  

Inside the Chocolate Story 
A day surrounded by chocolate can never be a bad thing and The Chocolate Story in York tells you stories of some of the greatest names in the industry.  

Over indulge at the Foodie Capital of Yorkshire 
There’s a reason Malton has become so well known for its food, so take a day to eat and drink your way around some of the finest establishments in the county. Make gin, eat macarons and smell the coffee!  

Catch a fish supper in Staithes  
Head out to the North Sea with Real Staithes for a Mackerel Hook and Cook trip, and learn how to catch fish the traditional way.  

Feast at a farm shop  
Hincliffe’s is way more than just a food store - it’s one of those gourmet delights where you mooch, as you plan your picnic to perfection and dine on food straight from the farm   

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