12 photographs that capture the true beauty of Yorkshire heather

Ilkley Moor heather by David Oxtaby

Ilkley Moor heather by David Oxtaby - Credit: Archant

Our readers experience the deep purple of the Yorkshire moorlands.

Yorkshire landscape dramatically changes to a fantastic palette of gold and oranges during the autumn months, but perhaps the most eye-catching feature, are the moorlands that are resplendent in purple.

Around 70 percent of the world’s heather moorland is in the UK and the largest continuous expanse of moorland in England is in the North York Moors.

The Hole of Horcum and the area around Goathland are some of the most famous sights in the national park, which has three different varieties growing within its borders.

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Further south, Ilkley Moor which forms part of the forms part of the South Pennine Moors is another famous spot to view purple heather.

However, these delicate landscapes are not without their problems, over 80% of lowland heathland in the UK has disappeared in just 200 years due to development and the decline of traditional farming methods over time.

The Yorkshire Wildlife Trust manage many heathland habitats for the benefit of wildlife; young heather provides food for sheep and red grouse, and shelter and nest sites for some ground-nesting birds, while older heather provides shelter and nest sites for birds and other wildlife.

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Knott Road near Rosedale

Knott Road near Rosedale - Credit: Janet Danks

Looking Back, Reeth

Looking Back, Reeth - Credit: Paul Dickinson

The approach to Roseberry Topping

The approach to Roseberry Topping - Credit: Andrew Whitham

Ana Cross, Rosedale

Ana Cross, Rosedale - Credit: Mark Bulmer, eborimages,co.uk

Danby Dale

Danby Dale - Credit: Janet Danks

Gateway to Roseberry

Gateway to Roseberry - Credit: Ian Snowdon

Goathland Moor

Goathland Moor - Credit: John Holtby

Heather outside Helmsley

Heather outside Helmsley - Credit: Keith Sayer

Hole of Horcum heather

Hole of Horcum heather - Credit: Nick Fletcher

Ilkley Moor at sunset

Ilkley Moor at sunset - Credit: David Oxtaby

Ilkley Moor before the storm

Ilkley Moor before the storm - Credit: Jacqui Gray

Ilkley moor heather

Ilkley moor heather - Credit: David Oxtaby