6 reasons why you should be using an indoor storage facility for your boat 

Couple enjoying time out on the water on the boat with Drystack storage in Portsmouth

The Drystack storage facility will allow you to enjoy more time out on the water with less hassle. - Credit: The Trafalgar Group

If only you could enjoy your boat without the hassle of fuelling, cleaning, anti-fouling, repairing and transporting it, too. Well now, you can. 

Alongside the hassle of taking your boat to the water for each use, storing your boat and trailer at home can leave it vulnerable to theft, corrosion and damage.

Jonny Boys, Managing Director and owner of boat storage facility The Drystack in Portsmouth, shares the benefits of indoor storage in keeping it safe and allowing you more time to have fun on the water. 

1. Maximum security is provided 

Your boat is a huge investment, worthy of high-grade security to ensure it’s in safe hands. “A boat is an expensive asset, yet they’re often just tied up to a wooden pontoon,” Jonny tells us. “At The Drystack, the boats, up to 13m in length, are locked away in a building with 24/7 security and CCTV, so boat-owners can be assured of their boat’s safety when they’re not on the water.”

Boat being put into storage at The Drystack in Portsmouth

The Drystack team will give your boat a fresh-water rinse so it’s ready for your next adventure. - Credit: The Trafalgar Group

2. The unit is insulated and dry to prevent damage 

Jonny explains that when left out on the water, boats are vulnerable to all kinds of problems, like rusting, salt corrosion, weed growth and sun damage. “If left outside, the boats are exposed to all of the elements and it’s only natural that the boat will gradually degrade over time,” he says. 

“To keep your boat in prime condition, The Drystack’s fully indoor storage facility offers a dry, undercover, insulated alternative to keeping the boat out on the water when it’s not in use,” he adds. This will help to improve the life and condition of the boat, maintaining its value. 

3. Freeing up space at home 

The garage, trailer or the driveway at home are common choices for boat storage. “Boats are large vehicles, and alongside your cars, they can take up a lot of unnecessary space which could be utilised for other things,” Jonny says. 

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“The Drystack offers hassle-free valet parking where you can keep your boat in a secure place that’s available at any time,” he says.

Boat storage unit at The Drystack in Portsmouth

Keeping your boat in dry storage with prevent rust, corrosion and environmental damage that will decrease its value and condition - Credit: The Trafalgar Group

4. Guaranteed, unlimited boat launching, seven days a week 

With Drystack storage, you can enjoy 24/7 use of your boat. Say goodbye to the stresses of hauling your boat onto the water, because it’s all done for you. 

“If you’re sat in the office one afternoon and fancy a spontaneous trip out on the water, it couldn’t be easier with our service. Simply let us know two hours before you’d like to launch the boat via The Drystack app, and our team will collect the boat from the warehouse, putting her onto the water in time for your arrival,” Jonny explains. 

The Drystack will fuel the boat on your behalf if you request, so all you need to do is show up and enjoy. 

5. Fantastic location and free parking on-site 

The Drystack facility is ideally located in Trafalgar Wharf, Portsmouth, with full tidal access to the open water and situated in the heart of the Solent. “It couldn’t be more accessible for people to get to,” Jonny says. 

“There’s a host of picturesque water-side towns, villages and sandy beaches that can be reached from our location. Gun Wharf is also close-by for shopping trips and a variety of restaurants to be enjoyed,” he adds.

Indoor boat storage at The Drystack in Portsmouth provides 24/7 security and CCTV to keep your boat secure and safe.

Indoor boat storage at The Drystack provides 24/7 security with CCTV to ensure you boat is always secure and safe. - Credit: The Trafalgar Group

6. Complementary cleaning and inspections  

Why spend time worrying about the maintenance of your boat, when it can all be done for you? “The goal is for boat-owners to make the most out of their investment, maximise their experience and enjoy as much time out on the water as possible,” Jonny explains. 

“The Drystack team provide a fresh-water rinse before the boat is returned to storage to wash off any salt water. They also re-fuel it, if you request, and oversee a comprehensive inspection each time to ensure it is in good condition with no issues,” he says. 

To find out how you can enquire about storing your boat in The Drystack, visit thetrafalgargroup.co.uk/indoor-drystack-boat-storage/. For direct enquiries, contact info@thetrafalgargroup.co.uk or 023 9238 7833.