Looking to buy a boat? Here's everything you need to know about Ballistic RIBs

Ballistic RIB with passengers on water at Trafalgar Wharf, Portsmouth

The Trafalgar Group in Portsmouth supply a range of high performance Ballistic RIB powerboats - Credit: The Trafalgar Group

Looking for a powerboat that combines a high level of performance with a secure, robust build? 

Ballistic is a premium brand of Rigid Inflatable Boats (RIBs) with plenty of benefits, from a heavy load capacity to a spacious leisure area for the passengers.  

“The Ballistic RIB has a number of unique features that enable it to reach high speeds, tackle rough seas and keep its occupants dry,” says Jonny Boys, managing director and owner of the Trafalgar Group in Portsmouth, suppliers of the Ballistic range. 

Below, Jonny shares his insights into what makes the Ballistic RIB the perfect leisure craft for boating enthusiasts. 

Passengers grouped together in Ballistic Rib at Trafalgar Wharf, Hampshire

The unique hull design of the Ballistic RIB gives the helmsman and passengers a stable and dry ride - Credit: The Trafalgar Group

An innovative hull design for a comfortable ride

One of the key aspects of a Ballistic RIB that distinguishes it from other types of powerboats is the hull. The distinctive, V-shaped profile ensures excellent handling in the waves, and the reverse scalloped hull chines deflect water away from the boat whilst increasing stability. 

“The unique hull design is what makes the Ballistic RIB such a great all-round boat," explains Jonny. "The chines give it a greater lift on the water – almost as though it were running on rails.

“This gives it a far greater efficiency when it comes to speed, but also makes it much more directionally stable – especially when manoeuvring."

A sturdy, robust build  

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Constructed with the same strength in mind as an off-road vehicle, the Ballistic RIB has the capability to withstand any capricious changes in the weather and sea conditions. Even the smaller styles are built to last by a team of experienced craftsmen and engineers, who constantly search for innovative ways to improve the RIB.  

“There are three fundamental aspects to the RIB’s design that make it so durable – the first is the extremely heavy-duty outer skin,” Jonny shares. “The internal fibreglass chassis, and the fibreglass deck, are all bonded together with high-quality resins.  

“These three components create an immensely strong structure that can protect itself and passengers from the elements, and also lengthen its lifespan. The Ballistic RIB is specifically designed to be refurbished rather than replaced, so you’ll have an investment that will last a long time."

Two people playing cricket on beach with Ballistic RIB in background at Trafalgar Wharf, Hampshire

The Ballistic RIB comes with a removable sun-bed and picnic table, and the storage area means you can bring along plenty of other leisure items - Credit: The Trafalgar Group

A safe, family friendly boat

When you’re searching for the perfect RIB, the safety and security of the vessel is a top priority, even down to the smallest of details.  

The jockey seats provide a comfortable, supportive ride during high speeds, along with the steel grab rails located throughout the boat. “We’ve put a lot of thought into the layout of our RIBs and how they can be made as safe as possible,” says Jonny. 

“Unlike some other RIBs and powerboats, the throttle is not located on the side of the craft – where it can easily be knocked, potentially causing an accident. We have centralised all of the vital areas of the control console, so that the helmsman is the only one close to them. The Ballistic RIB is fully equipped and ready to go to sea as standard."

Two people drinking champagne on beach with RIB in the background at Trafalgar Wharf, Portsmouth

With all of the extra leisure space in the Ballistic RIB, you can enjoy a picnic or a few drinks on the water, or stop off at a nearby beach - Credit: The Trafalgar Group

Plenty of leisure space  

Enjoying a picnic and a refreshing drink while out on the water is hard to beat. Whilst most RIBs have a sun-bed area, the Ballistic model’s underfloor fuel tanks and underseat storage means you can make the most out of your leisure area.  

“The seating area and console provides a significant amount of protection from the elements,” says Jonny. “Having all of the anchor lockers and storage facilities beneath the deck clears an open space for you to enjoy the sunshine. There’s even a removable sun-bed and pop-up picnic table, so you don’t need to worry about bringing extra furniture out with you.” 

For more information on Trafalgar’s Ballistic RIB range, visit ballisticribs.com or call 02392 397 000.