Dolphin sightings in Sussex are at a record breaking high this summer

Dolphins are being spotted more than ever just off of the Sussex Coast

Dolphins are being spotted more than ever just off of the Sussex Coast - Credit: Andy Hay / Flickr (CC BY 2.0)

Graceful, intelligent and most definitely playful, Dolphins have long enamoured us and this Summer here in Sussex we have had record sightings of our aquatic friends, many of which have been captured on video.

Last year saw Dolphins return to the canals of Venice, due to the sudden halt in tourism after the onset of the pandemic. However, the increased Dolphin sightings off of the Sussex coast is instead linked to changes in the sea temperatures and different routes of prey. The Dolphins are simply following their food source and having a little fun showing off their acrobatic skills and swimming alongside our boats while doing it.

To see Dolphins up close is a real treat but it must be done respectfully and responsibly. If you're looking to see Dolphins this summer head over to the Brighton based The Sussex Dolphin Project. The organisation is Sussex's very own branch of the World Cetacean Alliance and they currently offer Sunset Wildlife cruises and are planning to host Windfarm Cruises soon so that you can see the magic of Dolphins with professional guidance. If you are heading out solo be sure to follow these instructions to ensure you do not endanger the majestic mammals as they swim by. 

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