September is the perfect time to go wild swimming in the warm waters of Cornwall

Two people head out in to the Corniah sea

Wild swimming is a way to cultivate community and friendship - Credit: A Guide to Wild Swimming in Cornwall 

Don you suit and swim hat and be inspired to hit the waves with a new guide to wild swimming in Cornwall with expert Lydia Paldecki

With more than 300 miles of coastline, Cornwall has a seemingly endless number of places from which to swim, including beaches, harbours, tidal pools, quarries and rivers. Fortunately help is at hand. 

A Guide to Wild Swimming in Cornwall is the ultimate source of information for those looking to explore Cornwall’s coastline and to experience the benefits of cold water immersion. The authors, Bethany Allen, Max Campbell and Lydia Paleschi have carefully selected 54 locations and through the book offer inside knowledge on where to go for an enjoyable swimming experience.  

A young boy jumps into the sea

The exhilaration of taking the plunge - Credit: A Guide to Wild Swimming in Cornwall 

The book explores eight regions of Cornwall and guides you between the wild swimming spots located in each area. It also includes useful information on travel and parking, plus a ‘Discover More’ section, through which you can explore the pubs, cafés and attractions within a short distance of each location. 

The introductory content provides tips and safety knowledge for wild swimmers of all experience levels. Included is easily digestible information on tides, rip currents and other risks of the marine environment and how best to assess whether a location is appropriate for swimming or not. It also provides insight into the health benefits of wild swimming and the science currently being conducted into cold water immersion. 

Each of the authors has experienced the mental health benefits of cold water swimming and how it has brought them closer to nature. Inspired to share this knowledge with others so that they too can enjoy both the thrill of cold water immersion and the calming after effects, they spent over twelve months exploring the Cornish coastline to find appropriate spots in all regions of the county. 

A swimmer enjoys the last light of the day immersed in the water of the Helford River

Enjoying the last light of the day immersed in the water of the Helford River - Credit: A Guide to Wild Swimming in Cornwall 

Having combined their skillsets as freelance writers, photographers, oceanographers and ex-RNLI beach guards, A Guide to Wild Swimming in Cornwall is full of both practical knowledge and inspirational content. Thorough safety information is available for each location, including which wind directions are optimum for swimming, plus a combination of stunning imagery and words full of character brings each of the swimming spots to life.

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There is a clear respect and appreciation for the natural world running throughout the entirety of the book, which in many ways is a celebration of Cornwall’s diverse and vibrant coastline. Illustrated with breathtaking imagery, each turn of a page brings with it the allure of wild swimming and what it is to be outdoors in some of nature’s finest spaces. 

Starting on the Roseland Peninsula, A Guide to Wild Swimming in Cornwall takes you on a tour to Falmouth and the Helford then across the river to the smuggling coves of the Lizard Peninsula. From here, travel down the coast to Penwith and around Land’s End to the Blue Flag beaches of St Ives and the surrounding areas. Explore the north coast, famous for its long sandy beaches and tidal pools, before taking a trip inland to the spring-fed quarries and rivers of Bodmin Moor. 

Enjoying some front crawl in one of Cornwall's north coast tidal pools

Enjoying some front crawl in one of Cornwall's north coast tidal pools - Credit: A Guide to Wild Swimming in Cornwall 

Whether you’re looking for adventure, to get healthy, or to spend more time outdoors, A Guide to Wild Swimming in Cornwall is guaranteed to provide you with the inspiration you need to make this possible. From long, open water swimming destinations, to the hidden tidal pools detached from the ocean, A Guide to Wild Swimming in Cornwall caters for the entire spectrum of swimmers. Whether you’re a seasoned swimmer or you’re looking to give it a go for the first time, this book is a must-read for anyone in Cornwall who is drawn to the ocean. 

To find out more, or to order your copy of A Guide to Wild Swimming in Cornwall, visit The website also includes in depth safety information and details on the physical and mental health benefits of wild swimming.

Plus, a series of useful and informative blogs both written by the authors and experts from the wild swimming community. There is also an interactive map listing a wide selection of swimming groups within the county, to make it easier for those interested to get involved. Additionally, you can find Wild Swimming Cornwall on Instagram (@wildswimmingcornwall) and Facebook (@wildswimmingcornwall).

 lone swimmer in the sea at sunset

Swimming at sunset - Credit: A Guide to Wild Swimming in Cornwall 

Lydia's top five spots for wild swimming

So where are the five best wild swim spots in Cornwall?

With more than 50 to choose from that’s not an easy questions – but Pendower, Swanpool in Falmouth, Polly Joke, Grebe and Goldiggins Quarry are great places to start.

Safety first

It is important to remember that there are risks present when cold water swimming. When making the decision to swim, it is crucial to know your limits and to conduct a risk assessment beforehand. If you are in any doubt about the safety of a swim or your ability to complete it, you should refrain from entering the water.