An illustrated guide to Slad, Gloucestershire

Cider with Rosie, by Laurie Lee

Cider with Rosie, by Laurie Lee - Credit: Wikimedia/Creative Commons

The Gloucestershire village made famous by author Laurie Lee is a haven for wildlife 


Points of interest on Katie B Morgan’s map: 

An illustrated map of Slad, Gloucestershire

An illustrated map of Slad, Gloucestershire - Credit: Katie B Morgan,

Cider flagon: Slad is the village at the centre of Cider with Rosie, written by Laurie Lee, who lived, drank and is buried here. 

Rosebank: Laurie Lee, his mother and six siblings moved to Bank Cottage in 1917. 

Books: Water Over Stone, by poet Francis Horovitz; Midsummer Morning Jog Log, by Michael Horovitz; Earth is Our Business, by Polly Higgins (Scottish barrister, author and environmental lobbyist, who tried to create a law to criminalise ecological damage). 

Badger with coat on: Fence posts on Swift’s Hill were painted by a local artist to oppose the Government badger cull. 

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Bulls Cross: A three-hectare common, famous for being mentioned in Cider with Rosie. It was once a wide, bare area of ground with a hangman’s gibbet, which would have easily been seen from a good way away. One of the roads passing by is an ancient salt way. 

The Woolpack: Popular, unspoilt independent country pub. 

Tiny snails: A rare snail, Lauria sempronii, lives between Swift’s Hill and Laurie Lee Wood. 

Wild orchids: Over 13 species of wild orchid can be seen on Swift’s Hill. 

Racehorse: Tom George Racing stables are based near Slad. 

Signposts: Laurie Lee Wildlife Way. A five-mile circular walk with poetry posts. 

Snow’s Farm: Nature reserve at the head of the Dillay Valley. It links Frith Wood and Swift’s Hill to make a circular walk. 

Frith Wood: ‘Frith’ is a Saxon word meaning ‘wooded enclosure’. The ancient wood became a Gloucestershire Wildlife Nature Reserve in 1987. In the 1700s, Benjamin Hyett built an Arcadian retreat called Pan’s Lodge in the wood; all that can be seen now is a mound. 

Swifts: Gloucestershire Wildlife Trust bought Swift’s Hill from Mr FR Elliott in 1967. 

Redding Wood: Leading to Catswood. 

Laurie Lee Wood: This nature reserve – previously called Trantershill Plantation – was bought by Laurie Lee in the 1950s, then sold by his daughter Jessy to the Gloucestershire Wildlife Trust. 

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Rural Slad Valley in the Cotswolds, Slad, Gloucestershire, Cotswolds, UK

Slad Valley, Gloucestershire - Credit: Getty Images/iStockphoto

Gravestone of Laurie Lee - Author of Cider with Rosie

Gravestone of Laurie Lee in Slad - Credit: Getty Images/iStockphoto

Apples, box of apples and pitcher of fresh apple juice on wooden table with garden background. Harve

Cider with Rosie was written by Slad boy Laurie Lee - Credit: Getty Images/iStockphoto

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