Travelling to the US? Here are the best places to visit and the cheapest, easiest way to get a visa

Rocks in Joshua Tree National Park illuminated by sunset, Mojave Desert, California, for E-Visa Applications.

The Joshua Tree National Park in the Mojave Desert, just one of California's stunning national parks to along the West Coast. - Credit: Getty Images/iStockphoto

Considering a trip to the United States now that travel restrictions have eased?

Here to give you all the information and tips you need, Arthur Young from E-Visa in London, tells us the best places to check out and the fastest, most affordable way to obtain a visa to make your holiday stress-free.

Q: What can I do when I visit the US? 

A: The opportunities are endless with the US – due to its broad scope of climates, terrains and landscapes, you’re bound to find a location that fits the type of trip you’re looking for. 

You can go on city breaks, road trips through rural America or visit one of the countless natural parks.

Orlando. Located in Lake Eola Park, Orlando, Florida, United States, for E-Visa Applications.

Located in Lake Eola Park, Florida, Orlando is a popular tourist hotspot to enjoy in the summer for all ages. - Credit: Getty Images/iStockphoto

Q: Where are some of the best places to visit in the US? 

A: Besides from the obvious hotspots like New York and Los Angeles, there are many other great places much-loved by tourists who’ve visited the US: 

  • California National Parks – There are nine stunning national parks throughout California for you to explore, including Yosemite and Joshua Tree, which are renowned for their natural beauty. 

  • Orlando, Florida – Perfect for an action-packed city break, Orlando is filled with hotels, restaurants and shops, all within close range to world-famous attractions like Universal Studios, SeaWorld and Aquatica. There are dozens of small neighbourhoods with their own distinctive character to discover too. 

  • Miami – Miami is ideal if you’re a foodie, with a vast array of restaurants and street food on offer. The city also boasts beautiful beaches, great weather and a vibrant tourist atmosphere. 

  • Sun Valley, Idaho – Known as one of America’s top ski resorts, Sun Valley has lots of hip restaurants, cosy hotels and a thriving nightlife. It’s also home to numerous art galleries and regular music festivals to keep you entertained on your trip.

Looking down South Beach in Miami, United States. Beach on the left and the city on the right, for E-Visa Applications.

With gorgeous beaches and a great food scene, Miami is a must-see for anyone travelling to the United States. - Credit: Getty Images/iStockphoto

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Q: Do I need to be vaccinated to visit the US?

A: In short, yes. The US government require any visitors to be fully vaccinated before entering the country. Vaccines from the UK and EU are valid and accepted, but you’ll need to have your official vaccination certificate on hand. For British travellers, this will be your NHS Covid Vaccination Passport. 

Travellers also need to have a negative PCR test within a maximum of 72 hours before departure.

Q: What visa do I need to travel to the US?

A: For British citizens, the easiest option by far is the ESTA (Electronic System for Travel Authorisation) visa. As the name suggests, you can apply for this visa online, and it is also a much cheaper alternative to the standard visitor visa.

Snowy boulder Mountains in the winter in Idaho in the United States, for E-Visa Applications.

E-Visa Solutions are available for support and advice, making your visa applications faster and smoother so you can plan your trips without stress. - Credit: Getty Images/iStockphoto

Q: How soon can I expect my visa to arrive?

A: An ESTA is usually approved the same day, with an average approval time of 72 hours. We don’t advise leaving it this late, but if you are travelling last minute, you can potentially submit an urgent application.

Q: What happens if there is a problem with my visa application?

A: We offer 24-hour customer support via e-mail and telephone, which is a service not provided by the embassy. If you come across any issues, you can always reach us and we’ll do our best to resolve it as quickly as possible to get you ready for your trip.

If you apply via the standard website, it’s certainly cheaper, but you won’t have access to any real customer support if problems arise. If your ESTA is rejected, you’ll need to submit a completely new application and pay for it again. When applying via e-Visa, you will always be fully refunded the cost of your rejected ESTA application, so you won’t lose any money.

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