• A traditional pie that reflects Cumbria’s trading history

    The name of this Cumberland Rum Nicky comes from the traditional decoration of cuts or nicks made on top of the pastry. The rich filling ingredients – dates, spices, brown sugar and rum – were easily obtainable from the ports on the Cumbrian coast,

  • Reivers Restaurant Chocolate Delice recipe

    Alan Halkett is head chef at Reivers Restaurant at The Cairndale in Dumfries, he shares the recipe for one of his most popular dishes. WHISKED SPONGE SHEET 4 eggs; 100g caster sugar; 35g golden syrup; 50g dark chocolate; 50g butter; 60g cocoa

  • Julie Friend's sensational summer sandwich recipes

    At the end of May, it’s British Sandwich Week, and I must confess that a good sandwich is one of my favourite things. Sourdough with strong cheddar and chutney, brown bread with smoked salmon or crab, and simple everyday white for a Sunday morning

  • Catch of the day: great summer recipes for fish

    As May is upon us, I thought I’d offer up some lighter dishes to you to help celebrate the sunshine (that I hope we will be having!). As we get into the height of the summer, we move towards shellfish territory and I for one would happily have

  • Top chefs share their favourite crab recipes

    Salcombe has a long association with crab fishing, a legacy that goes back over the centuries and one which is celebrated each year at Salcombe Crabfest. Crab slaw recipe With chips, with fish, on its own, in a bun, or as a salad, this crab

  • Delicious Ipswich almond tarts by Mrs Portly's Kitchen

    A few years ago I ran a cookery class to coincide with Suffolk Day, focusing on historic recipes from around the county. We made God’s kitchels, fourses cake (think elevenses but at teatime), Suffolk buns and these Ipswich almond tarts. A lot of

  • 3 flavour-filled tomato-rich dishes for summer

    Celebrate British Tomato Fortnight with these flavour-filled tomato-rich dishes   Red wine and tomato pasta with burrata recipe This impressive but easy pasta dish uses fresh and canned tomatoes for a rich and satisfying taste. Serves

  • Derby’s distinguished distillery a great day out for all

    White Peak Distillery’s Wire Works Whisky, born in Derbyshire, a taste of home.  Single malt whisky is a product that many associate as a spirit from Scotland; the terms ‘whisky’ and ‘scotch’ often being used interchangeably.  However, despite