Europe has a long history of winemaking, dating back thousands of years. The region is known for its indigenous grape and olive varieties, producing distinctive wines and products with flavors that reflect the local terroir. Two European regions with great history are Thassos and Kavala are both located in Greece, while Romania is a separate country in Eastern Europe. Each of these places has its own unique gastronomy traditions influenced by local ingredients, historical factors, and cultural influences.

Thassos is a beautiful Greek island known for its rich history and natural beauty. In terms of gastronomy, Thassos offers a blend of Greek and Mediterranean cuisine with core product the PGI Thassos Olive Oil, renowned for its high-quality olive oil and the PDO Throuba Olive Thasos while Kavala is a port city in Northern Greece and has its own culinary specialties.

Romania, a rich and fertile land with extend wine tradition has its own distinct character, combining influences from neighboring countries and its historical heritage with great wine tradition. The EU Financed campaign European Culinary Delight aims to promote the unique PDO/PGI products from Greece and Romania to consumers in USA and UK, with the participation of the organizations Chamber Of Kavala from Greece as coordinator and Professional Wine Association “TERASELE DUNĂRII” OSTROV from Romania as project partner.

The Chamber of Kavala is a public law, legal entity that was originally founded in 1918. It has over 11.000 members including small and medium sized manufacturing industries, commercial enterprises, handicrafts companies, large industries, as well as professionals.

The Professional Wine Association “TERASELE DUNĂRII” OSTROV was established in 2008 at the initiative of three founding members from the Ostrov Vineyard. where in addition to the vineyard area of approximately 1000 ha, the members of the association also own two wineries in the communes of Ostrov and Lipnita, Constanta County, with a capacity of 130,000 hectoliters of wine. The Ostrov vineyard has a large wine-growing area and includes the Ostrov wine-growing centers (average altitude 110 m), Oltina and Aliman, located on the right bank of the Danube, to which is added the Băneasa wine-growing center.

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