Archers Bakery in Hollins Lane is as much a part of Marple’s fabric as the River Goyt that runs through it. For more than 70 years breads, bakes and cakes have been produced in this lovely corner of Cheshire.

Great grandfather Gilbert Archer and wife, Jessie, first bought the bakery back in 1948. It was already an established shop and with it came a delivery horse and cart. Unfortunately, not long afterward, the horse was sacked because it kept stopping at every pub for refreshment.

It was Marshall Archer who followed in is father’s footsteps, taking on the family business. Marshall, who has been born in the upstairs of the building, has already spent time touring Europe as part of a rock and roll band. But a steady career and regular income beckoned him back to Marple where he took on the mantle of running the business.

Great British Life: Marshall, James and Natalie Archer. Marshall, James and Natalie Archer. (Image: Kurt Thomas)

With wife Linda, Marshall learned all of the treasured secrets of the trade that had been built up over the years. During this time Marshall fondly remembers baking through the night in the seventies to avoid the power cuts. It was in 1982, following the passing of his father, he fully took over the business.

Today, it is children Natalie and James, who run the business. Donning aprons at an early age they run the shops with Marshall watching on as well as a loyal team who have worked there for decades.

The secret, they say, to longevity is evolving and updating the products to the current tastes. The famous Archer’s pies have pulled queues for many years, and you’ll often find a line around the corner on a Saturday morning – a worthwhile pursuit for a tasty reward.

Great British Life: Archers Bakers pieArchers Bakers pie (Image: Kurt Thomas)

Their original recipe pies are sold warm filled with a delicious jelly; a traditional meat and potato and cheese and onion have been joined by trendy hybrids including the much spoken about cheeseburger pie which is bringing new fans to the successful bakery.

If you haven’t been to Archers Bakery yet, it’s well worth a visit and you surely won’t be able to leave without trying one of the many fantastic cakes too.

Great British Life: Archers Bakers sconesArchers Bakers scones (Image: Kurt Thomas)Great British Life: Archers Bakers piesArchers Bakers pies (Image: Kurt Thomas)Great British Life: Freshly baked breadsFreshly baked breads (Image: Kurt Thomas)Great British Life: The happy Archers Bakery team. The happy Archers Bakery team. (Image: Kurt Thomas)