Meet the producer - Martin Gott, St James’ Cheese

Martin Gott and Nicola Robinson

Martin Gott and Nicola Robinson - Credit: St James Cheese

Cheese maker Martin Gott heads up the small, family run ewe’s cheese dairy, St James’ Cheese, with partner Nicola in the Lake District. Their seasonal washed rind cheese is made from unpasteurised milk from their flock of Lacaune ewes. Here he shares his food loves. 

First dish you learnt to cook?  
Cheese on toast. Yes I know but what can I say. 

Most vivid childhood food memory?   
Mushroom picking with my gran, going out early in the morning to get a few and then heading back to prepare and cook them. 

Most memorable meal out?
Has to be L’Enclume way back, when we first moved to Holker Farm in the valley, before the restaurant was really well known. 

Favourite ingredient/dish? 
Might sound a bit decadent but it has to be white truffle. 

A go-to snack?
This is going to sound like a cliche but it’s going to have to be cheese - it goes with anything, it’s not difficult to prepare and its tasty 

If you weren’t a cheesemaker, what would you be?
 I’d be a boat builder; I just like the idea of building beautiful things with my hands 

Your dream dinner guest? 
Jack Nicholson, funny, totally off the wall and the stories would be something else. 

What’s your guilty food pleasure?  
Has to be a Mr Whippy ice cream covered in chocolate or strawberry sauce, hundreds and thousands and with a flake or tow, really bad for you but once in a while... 

Who are your local food heroes?
Andy Swinscoe at Courtyard Dairy - he’s worked wonders in the cheese industry and Stuart Higginson, what he’s done is amazing building things up from scratch to create an incredible business is hugely admirable and has taken lots of hard work which I admire. 

A foodie who inspires you?   
Interesting, I guess it really has to be Sheila Dillon, once you talk to her or hear her speak you realise you can’t measure up and you really need to try harder. She’s inspirational. 

A place you love to eat?   
Flor where I recently ate during a trip to London. Though to be honest there really are too many to choose from! 

A dish for 2021?
Scallops and seafood in general to try and do our bit to help our seafood industry now that our fishermen can no longer export much of what they land.