Get signature dishes from Rick Stein direct to your door

Fruits de mer at The Seafood Restaurant Photo David Griffin Photography

Fruits de mer at The Seafood Restaurant Photo David Griffin Photography - Credit: Archant

TV chef Rick Stein has launched a door to door service delivering the ingredients to key dishes from his Cornwall Seafood restaurant as his son and executive Jack explains

Jack Stein Photo: David Griffin

Jack Stein Photo: David Griffin - Credit: Archant

Rick Stein is one of the UK’s best loved restaurateurs and rarely off our TV screens – and now you can get his signature dishes delivered direct to your door

It is likely that take away and fast food delivery will never look the same again following the lockdown that put the fine dining industry out of business, for several months. So top chefs turned their attention to those dining in - and take-aways and deliveries have proved such a success that many of the schemes will continue.

And among the new offerings from top chefs is Stein’s at Home. This posting of well-loved Rick Stein restaurant dishes directly to your home. The family business which includes Padstow’s Seafood Restaurant among its ten eateries, as well as a cookery school.

In their first weekend of reopening in July, more than 5,000 diners turned out to eat in their restaurants. But the business recognised there would be many more people who might want to enjoy the food at home.

Dover Sole Meuniere. Photo David Griffin Photography

Dover Sole Meuniere. Photo David Griffin Photography - Credit: Photo David Griffin Photography

Recognising the need to adapt to the current climate, Rick, his business partner Jill, and their sons Charlie, Jack and Ed have recently launched Stein’s at Home, posting well-loved Rick Stein restaurant dishes directly to the customer’s home. How does it work?

Buy a box full of ingredients with a starter, main and dessert for two people. All of the preparation is done and the dishes just need finishing the off at home. Each box will come with all the prepared ingredients, as well as cooking and plating instructions. The menu includes lobster, hake or Indonesian curry with puds like sticky toffee pudding and Eton mess to finish.

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The idea behind Stein’s at Home is to combine the magic of a Rick Stein restaurant experience with his recipe books. Genius.

To celebrate their latest venture we ask chef director, Jack Stein to share some of his food heavens and food hells.

The Stein Family

The Stein Family - Credit: Archant


How would you describe your food style?

Simple ingredient driven cooking, using world flavours for inspiration.


Who has been your greatest food influence?

Anthony Bourdain.


How important is seasonality in your menu?

Very important, the fisherman, farmers and growers we work with tell us what is best when and we go with their advice.


What is your favourite flavour of Cornwall?

The waves crashing on the sea gives an ozone-like flavour which you also get in oysters and mussels grown here – it’s amazing!


What ingredient couldn’t you do without?

Salt, Cornish sea salt to be more specific.


What was your most memorable meal?

I caught some pollock with some friends and we all went round to my mate Munches’ house. He dug some spuds from the garden and picked some spinach and we had that with Beurre Blanc – so delicious!


Why did you become a chef?

I’ve always had a love and passion for food – it’s hard not to in our family.


What is your food heaven?

Warrens roast rib of beef, with all the trimmings, a good red wine and some strong cheese like epoisse – absolute heaven!


What is your idea of food hell?

Quiche: I just don’t get it.


What’s going to be big in 2021?

People realising they can eat at 4pm on a temporary outside table rather than having to eat at 7-8pm to help our industry recoup some of the losses!


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This article first appeared in the September issue of Cornwall Life. Find the latest suscription offers here.

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