Six of the best posh snacks from Yorkshire

Snacks are for any occasion

Snacks are for any occasion - Credit: Getty Images/iStockphoto

There must be more to snacks than those bags of Gary Lineker-endorsed fried potatoes, writes Tony Greenway.

Don’t get me wrong: I love Gary Lineker-endorsed fried potatoes (a bit too much actually) and can eat my own body weight in cheesy Wotsits. But you know when you’re having a sophisticated — and I use the word advisedly — soiree, and you put out trays of Twiglets, a bowl of Nobby’s Nuts and a dish of Bombay mix for your guests? Don’t you feel a twinge of unoriginality? I do too, so I looked around for some posh snacks, all found in Yorkshire, that break the mould a bit. And lo and behold, here’s what I found...


Nothing But Can crisps count as part your five a day? Not usually – but then the Nothing But range isn’t usual. Produced by the Premium Snack Company in Hull, its bagged snacks include sliced beetroot and parsnip, pea and sweetcorn, and mange tout and red pepper. Apart from representing one of your five a day, they also contain no added fat so are low in calories. Simple – and made using freeze-dried veg, so they have that straight-from-the-garden taste

Yorkshire Crisps A tasty big name on the national snack scene since 2005 when it was established by businessman and part-time farmer Ashley Turner. Yorkshire Crisps are available pretty much everywhere, and their appeal might be something to do with the fact that Yorkshire Crisps are made using potatoes from local farmers. I like the Henderson’s Yorkshire Sauce flavour (Henderson’s is, of course, from Sheffield); but I should also mention the sweet cured ham and pickle flavour that was a winner at the Deliciously Yorkshire Awards 2013-2014.

Barefoot Biltong Looking for something a bit more exciting than a packet of cheese and onion? Then try some beef biltong chips or biltong chilli sticks from Bridlington-based Barefoot Biltong. Biltong is South African spiced and dried beef or game — here’s the unappetising bit: biltong means ‘buttock strip’ — and shouldn’t be confused with beef jerky because biltong is generally thicker. Like jerky, it’s also delicious. If you’re new to it all, Barefoot Biltong has a £13 taster pack to try.

Churros and Chocolate I had some churros and chocolate at the Malton Food Festival this summer and you practically had to drag me away from the stall. This isn’t a savoury snack — it’s very sweet and very chocolaty — but it is gorgeously different and fresh. Churros are basically long fried Spanish doughnuts served with chocolate, cinnamon sugar or raspberry puree. Richard Scott and Angela Henderson started their York-based business, Churros and Chocolate, before Christmas and, Richard tells me, it’s going well: at one foodie event recently the punters were queuing 20 deep all day. Richard and Angela don’t have a website yet, but you can catch them at various fairs and foodie events all year round in Yorkshire for a piece of snack heaven. Olé! 01904 400623

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NibNibs NibsNibs — a snack range tagged ‘from Yorkshire with love’ — was launched in 2009 by Darren Everitt and Susan Dixon as a cottage industry. At the time they supplied just one outlet. Now they supply more than 300 across the country (and NibNibs are even on sale in Germany). ‘All the critics said our Mininibs in little cans wouldn’t work,’ says Darren. ‘They now make up about 70 per cent of our business. So it just goes to show: never listen to critics!’ I’m here to tell you that Mini Nibs are exceptionally more-ish and come in cheddar, cheddar and spicy chilli and cheddar and cheeky onion flavours. Also, Darren points out, NibNibs are the only British producer of breadsticks — of any significant volume — in the country.

Scrubbys Scrubbys point out that their products are made for the dedicated crisp connoisseur, using beetroot, carrot, sweet potato and parsnip, with the idea of bringing a healthier yet fabulously flavoursome crisp to market (they are 30 per cent less fat). Gorgeous.

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