Ten top tips for barbeque success

BBQ Tips

BBQ Tips - Credit: Archant

Award winning Andy Annat from Crackerjack Barbecue in Harrogate shares his BBQ wisdom

1) Keep a lid on it

Other than when you’re spraying or glazing, don’t be tempted to keep lifting the lid as you’ll lose heat, smoke, moisture and flavour. If you’re looking, you’re not cooking.

2) Use natural, lumpwood charcoal

Fire up in plenty of time if you’re cooking over charcoal and use a good quantity and quality of lumpwood charcoal. Try not to buy instant lighting charcoal, it burns down too quickly and can make the food taste of chemicals.

3) Keep it clean

Once your barbecue is hot, use a wire grill brush to remove any carbonised debris (this is easier to do when hot). Then lightly oil the bars using a clean cloth dipped in vegetable oil to clean away any dark residue and prevent the food from sticking.

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4) Think of smoke as seasoning

Add hardwood chunks or chips to impart smoky flavour to the food. Chips will burn quickly giving a short burst of smoke, while chunks burn more slowly.

5) Inject juice for flavour

Fruit juice helps to tenderise large cuts of meat. Use an acidic juice like apple, cider or beer and use a catering syringe to inject the liquid generously into the muscles of the meat.

6) Keep it moist

If cooking over indirect heat, add a water pan to your barbecue to avoid flare-ups. Dripping oils and fats hit the water and don’t burn, creating a moist, smoky atmosphere.

7) Roll with it

If you’re struggling to fit several racks of ribs on your barbecue, simply roll the ribs and skewer in place.

8) Get a spray gun

Spraying your meat with apple juice while cooking keeps the food moist and allows the natural sugars to gently caramelise.

9) Don’t glaze too early

Glaze the meat in the latter part of the cooking process to create a sticky coating. Apply it too early and it will burn.

10) Check your temp

Buy yourself a temperature probe to quickly check your food is cooked and safe to eat.

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