How to transform your bathroom into a luxury home spa retreat

Beige bathroom in Wilmslow-based house designed by C.P. Hart

Create a luxury bathroom retreat that the whole family will want to escape to. - Credit: C.P. Hart

Learn how you can create the bathroom of your dreams with the help of an expert design service.

The Covid-19 pandemic has led all of us to demand more of our homes, in particular, needing space for relaxation and privacy.

Emma Scott, director of client design from C.P. Hart in Wilmslow, shares her expert advice and design secrets to create a bathroom sanctuary you'll never want to leave.

Q: Why is it important to seek professional design advice for your bathroom?

Inviting, luxury expert bathroom design service from C.P. Hart in Wilmslow

Use C.P. Hart's expert design service to help you plan your bathroom's layout, and create an inviting, luxury space. - Credit: C.P. Hart

A: Our professionally qualified designers will transform your bathroom, and carefully plan the room's layout, so it flows harmoniously and functions efficiently. We will recommend clever storage solutions to optimise your space, propose the latest product solutions and advise how to use colour, finishes and textures to form an impressive, cohesive design. 

Our detailed CAD plans and technical drawings will help you visualise the space while providing specific directions and measurements for your installer, ensuring your room looks exactly how you envisioned it. 

Q: What bathroom products do you recommend and why?

A: To guarantee a luxury bathroom that will stand the test of time, it's important to choose the best products. Cutting back on costs often proves to be a false economy, resulting in dearer, long-term expense. 

We recommend investing in the highest quality materials that you can afford, such as our range of C.P. Hart exclusivities, that are certain to function and to look as good in 10 years as they do today. 

When it comes to sourcing products, C.P. Hart's classical ranges of bathroom products are hard to beat. Some of my preferred contemporary suppliers include Italian ceramics manufacturer Cielo, and Artelinea, which specialises in beautifully made bathroom furniture. Gessi provides a wide range of perfectly engineered, innovative brassware, and Effegibi’s sauna products instantly elevate any bathroom with luxury and class.

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Q: How has Covid-19 affected bathroom design?

Artelinea specially made bathroom furniture from C.P. Hart in Wilmslow

C.P. Hart specialises in beautifully made bathroom furniture, to help you create a bathroom where you can relax and unwind. - Credit: C.P. Hart

A: The pandemic has created a strong desire for more personal space and relaxation, and has highlighted the importance of looking after your health and mental wellbeing. 

We have seen a heightened demand for en-suite bathrooms and an increase in spare-room conversions to ensure each family member has their own space. Spending more time at home means that we cry out for a bathroom that is so much more than function, indeed more of an everyday escape – creating that is where our expertise really comes into play.

We recommend revolutionary products like multi-function showerheads and massaging bath jets to enrich your daily experience and enhance your wellbeing. Strategically placed colour lighting can ease stress, while steam rooms assure a variety of physical benefits, including improved circulation, lower blood pressure and workout recovery.

Non-touch products, such as sensor taps and flush plates, play a vital role in keeping families safe, perfect for shared spaces. Plus, with ever-evolving technologies including Duravit’s ceramic HygieneGlaze and TOTO’s washlet bidet toilets, easy-to-clean surfaces are becoming ever more important for hygiene.

Q: How is technology helping to enhance bathroom design?

A: Electronic taps and aerators help you save water, and many of the latest bathroom technologies are sustainably produced for a cleaner environment. Our manufacturing priorities are water conservation and energy conservation.

For example, Gessi has optimised its on-site energy and water consumption using an innovative solar panel system to power the factory. Evolution in lighting, sound systems, underfloor heating, electronic diffusers and digital controls can now make your bathroom one of the more hi-tech rooms in your home. 

Q: What are some notable bathroom design trends for 2021?

A: Glossy reflective surfaces and warm tones such as burnt orange and terracotta are popular bathroom trends this year. We have also observed a shift to organic, rounded fixtures for a softer bathroom finish, incorporating natural materials such as wood for an intimate and cosy feel.

Fluted and banded tactile surfaces like Matki's Classica glass shower doors and textured porcelain tiles add an artistic flair to your décor stimulating your senses to enhance not only the look but also the feel of your bathroom.

Q: Why visit a C.P. Hart showroom?

A: Online and printed imagery simply cannot convey a product’s look and quality feel. Our new showroom in Wilmslow, opening in September 2021, allows you to experience our wide range of sanitaryware, furniture, brassware and tiles, as well as providing inspiration through our room set designs and extensive sample selection.

Only in our showroom can you experience our award-winning design service and professional sales consultations. We also offer a complete, manufacturer accredited installation service – surely as important as the design and product selection processes, transforming your dream into reality.

Visit to get inspired and discover how you can begin your bathroom journey.

Find us at 57-59 Alderley Road, Wilmslow. You can visit from September 2021 to view the latest bathroom design trends and products.