The newly opened Picturedrome in Macclesfield is a food lover’s paradise. We spoke to the talented people behind the new centre’s eateries.

Great British Life: Jonny Mulyk of TerroniJonny Mulyk of Terroni (Image: Archant)

Jonny Mulyk

Owner of Terroni

Italian cooking is something I've always loved; it's my heritage. My nonna is someone who helped me discover my passion for it. She's one of the best people; a small stern Italian woman who I adore. For me, working in a small kitchen is best; I don't want to expand because I believe if you do that, you lose that bit of magic. I want to be in the middle of it all, I love being able to change my menu in the spur of the moment. Italian food hasn't got a great reputation, and I think chain restaurants haven't helped. I want to have that perfect little restaurant that people go back to time and again.

Great British Life: Sam Pugh of Sam JosephSam Pugh of Sam Joseph (Image: Archant)

Sam Pugh

Owner of Sam Joseph Chocolates

I've been working as a pastry chef since I was 19 and I rose through the ranks. When I reached head pastry chef, I wondered what to do next, feeling a bit uninspired. Chocolate is something I've always enjoyed working with so that's what I decided to focus on. Everyone asks me if I'm sick of chocolate but I've got a massive sweet tooth so I can't see that happening. I've got a three year old daughter, so when I'm not working I spend time with her. I'm showing her what good chocolate is, at the moment she loves dark chocolate; we make dark chocolate buttons for her to enjoy.

Great British Life: Toby Quinn of Ruben'sToby Quinn of Ruben's (Image: Archant)

Toby Quinn

Head Chef at Ruben's

I moved from Leeds to Manchester because of the food scene. Moving from a city location to Macclesfield has been amazing; I only have to drive for half an hour and I'm in the Peak District. I started working at Ruben's in Altrincham which was great but the kitchen was quite small. When we opened here it was amazing to have a bigger space, so I could expand the menu. I spend all my time flipping through recipe books and I get excited to try new things. Once recipe I've created is the cauliflower shawarma - an underrated vegetable that is proving really popular.

Great British Life: Sharleigh Bilton of Honest CrustSharleigh Bilton of Honest Crust (Image: Archant)

Sharleigh Bilton

General Manager at Honest Crust Pizza

I started working at Honest Crust almost from the beginning, around five years ago. It's an amazing space to work in; everyone is allowed to be creative and everyone's opinion is heard. We choose to work with incredible suppliers and take the time to visit them. We've gone to farms around England and went to Italy. Even when I go on holiday, I always have to try out the pizzas to see what they're like. I went to Berlin recently and my first thought was 'where can I try a pizza?'.

Great British Life: Jamie Savage of Savages MusselsJamie Savage of Savages Mussels (Image: Archant)

Jamie Savage

Owner of Savage Mussels

I've always wanted to own my own mussel bar. It's an idea I've had for years so finally opening was incredible. I used to be in the navy - so the love for all things nautical runs deep. They helped me with funding they provide to help those who've served get set up in civilian life. Mussels are my favourite food; I love creating new ways for people to try them, especially for those who say they don't like them. So many people have tried my popcorn mussels and been surprised by how much they like them.

Great British Life: Paul Robinshaw of Flour Water SaltPaul Robinshaw of Flour Water Salt (Image: Archant)

Paul Robinshaw

Owner of Flour Water Salt

I never thought I'd be a baker; my background is in IT. But when we had our twin girls, I took time off to help them and struggled to get back in to it. I heard something on the radio about baking so I tried it at home and the rest is history. My favourite thing is the community spirit we've built in Macclesfield. I love seeing people talking to one another and enjoying each others' company over a coffee and a pastry. I've taken a bit of a step back from the day-to-day and bought a puppy - a little treat for me.