Brighton Ceilidh Collective: Lively events in and around Brighton every month

Brighton Ceilidh Collective (Teri V Photography)

Brighton Ceilidh Collective (Teri V Photography) - Credit: Archant

Brighton Ceilidh Collective host high energy, lively events in and around Brighton every month.

‘Ceilidh’ (pronounced Kay-lee) is an old Gaelic word for ‘party’. “They’re huge fun, a great way to meet new people and our caller makes sure the dancing is always accessible to everyone, because along with great music, the secret to a great ceilidh is the dance calling,” explains Lou Wells, the caller. “In just a few minutes people who’ve never danced a ceilidh before can learn the steps easily and if you go wrong, that’s all part of the fun.”

Their regular events are The Rant, usually the first Friday of the month at One Church, Gloucester Place, Brighton, a fabulous quirky space to dance in, with around 100 dancers and a live band. Ceilidh Club is on the third Sunday of the month and is a smaller, teaching event with two dance callers. Excitingly, the group has just secured a location in Worthing, to run a second monthly event there. They’re also available for hire.

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